Monday, 2 November 2009

Barcelona, Spain (summer 2007)

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Okies, because i was bored nothing to do, I decided to write about my holidays in Europe. Haha..actually i just ransacked my ext HD to find some photos that i can share and decided to write something about it :)

Ok, photos below were during 2007 summer when we were in Barcelona, Spain. The weather was warm, warmer than in Malaysia, but they just love the sun as much as we Malaysian love, you wouldn't find anyone carrying any umbrella under the scorching sun..

In front of Barca's Hard Rock cafe.

Ok this one was taken during the evening, at 6+pm i think. You know summer= longer daytime. SO we had fun travelling during summer. And yes, lots of hot lads & lasses too!! :D

Me & K.wani on the hop-on hop-off bus.

This is our bus ride, hop-on hop-off bus. It's more like a tourism bus with a tour guide on the bus (sometimes the driver himself) giving you info about interesting tourism spots around that area. I love to ride this bus because u get to see everything unshielded by any mirror (of course it's different downstairs ;p). You also get to 'hop-off' from the bus when you arrived at your desired tourist spot. And then after you have made your tour, just get back to the bus stand, wait for the bus to come, and hop-on into the bus. It will take you to the starting point again.That is why it is called as a hop-on hop-off bus. hehe..

Yeah, usually you will get a journey map of the bus and an earphone when you ride the bus. Just plug in your earphone to the seat and choose the speaking language that you prefer. Voilla! As easy as that! :) My fav hop-on hop-off bus ride was in Dublin. I'll post about it later ;)

Me & Edward scissors hand at La Rambla street in Barca

Actually, La Rambla is my favourite street in Barca. It's a shopping street with lots of booths and performers acting as statues (like in this pic) along this street. The street is so lively especially during summer with all the tourist and activities going on until late at night. Yes, strolling down the alleys at night was a happening event as well ;)

Don't believe me? Check out these videos :) Break dance performances. My camera was lacking of memory space when i wanted to video taped a break dance performance by a cute 5-year old boy ;( He is the son of one of the performers..(the hottest one which is not in here. hehe ;p)

Suemay, K.wani, hani & dayme at Barca's seaside.

Oh, strolling by the beaches in Barca during summer was heaven! No need to worry about anything. Everything is so carefree and you can do anything you want. Either picnic, swimming, skating, roller-bladding, shopping, eating, gossipping. Anything. Everybody is so friendly and warm :)

Okay. I think that's all for now. Barcelona has been 1 of my favourite holiday spot actually. And i've been there twice :) It is highly recommended for those who wanted to go for a holiday. Just be careful of the pickpocket :)

And for more photos, do check it out on my facebook. And yes, if you want me to add you, please tell me who you are bcoz i don't approve strangers ;)
Till then.

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