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Memories 1996/2009 - Gunung Nuang

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Hehe..okay this time is not my piece during summer trips but during my childhood!! Haha..A few days ago a friend of mine tagged me in these photos. And these photos were when we we were all in Standard 4! 10 years old yes!! mane dpt ntah these pixs! ;p Okay actually these are photos when we went hiking Gunung Nuang located in Hulu Langat Selangor if im not mistaken. We went there for 3days 2 nights camp if im not mistaken. It was more like a motivational-sort-of-camp for UPSR students. Yes, i love camping and anything that's adventurous and has something to do with jungles. Thus, i tagged along. hehe..

So there i went! Do you believe that my parents allow me to go hiking Mount Nuang, the most challenging mountain in Malaysia when i was 10 years old alone (not acoompanied by family members) ?? And guess what, i managed to conquer the mountain!!! Hhihihi...bangge tak bangge tak?? :D :D I AM. hehe..

I still remember that we had to walk like 5 hours from our bus to our camp base. Yes, we walked non-stop for 5 hours and we reached the camp base at night. 9pm+ if im not mistaken. Wasn't i great? at that such tender age manage to do so? hehe..Then we were divided into groups of 5 for a tent. My tent was quite near to the river. It was raining that night and i only brought my windbreaker and socks. It was chilling COLD!!!! Moreover, i was at the end of the tent. Kat pintu okay.Underneath us was ground. When it's raining on top of a mountain, at night, when your tent is by the river, can you imagine how cold is that?? Hu..

Luckily i didn't get caught in the fever or whatsoever. Hihi..(so kental mahu mendaki gunung smangat membara2 ;p)

hihi..can you guess which one is me? ;) yep, the one wearing the yellow shirt. haha..jangan gelak.jangan gelak ;p apa punya gaya duduk lah itu~ ='). This was when the motivator gave us some motivational talk.

Hahaha..see what did i do? hahaha! That was Alin, my bestfriend at that time, always together wherever we go~ haha

This was when they were giving us some surviving tips in the jungle like how to cook rice in bamboo, how to boil eggs under unggun api, what to do when you were lost in a jungle, etc2. I still remember that there were 6 brothers who acted as our 'guider' or rangers. hehe..sme kacak2 ok :) And when it was downhill, 1 of the brothers helped me to carry my backpack because it was too heavy! With the rain-soaked clothes and everything, i just couldn't bear it. huhu..Luckily the abg was there :) thank you abg! :)

Hehe..this was makan nasi dalam buluh time!! haha..The one who wear specs is my best friend as well. nama ku norzainun.hehe..comelnye la time nih! :')

I don't remember what's this sexy boy's name. haha..1996 pon da ada hot pants ok ;p

Ini Kamil, the fairest guy in our batch. He used to follow me wherever i go. When i took pictures, he will always be behind me. comel :)

Ta daa!! I managed to reach the peak!! When i was 10 years old!! Heheh..yeah, that's me in the red and white windbreaker.haha. ;p

credit to my friend who managed to capture and keep these pixs! :D

This is us now. lol jejak kasih. remember ku norzainun? she's the 2nd from right. and Alin is the 3rd from we've grown up! :')

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In 2009 i went to hike the Nuang mountain again. But this time with my Ipba's friends. hehe..I think it's the PSIMP's activity, but well, u know i love to go into the jungle so i jumped into the opportunity and tagged along! (again :') ) hehe...After 13 years, Nuang mountain has gone through lots of changes! I don't remember the place as it is! amazing! huhu..But this time, the weather was great, and to forget our tiredness and boredom, we even played riddles. Hihi..
Okay, now let's browse through my photos to see whether i've changed.. :)

At the start of our journey~ common! common! style of sitting haven't changed!! OMG! ;p

But this time, our pics are much more clear + cun kan? yelah, da ada slr even not mine ;p

Haha..nie mmg malu. We didn't managed to reach the top of Nuang! Only managed to get to Kem Pacat! huhu..but it's okay coz we need to put a night if we want to reach the top anyway. hehe..
The experience & companion were great tho! :D

Other mountains

Okeh, alang2 cte pasal mountain let me put kinabalu as well lah ;) These pictures were taken when we were in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, trying to conquer the highest mountain in South East Asia.hehe..enjoy~

At the beginning of our journey :)

After 3.5 km of hiking..4.5km more to go before we reach our camp base in Laban Rata..It took us around 1 hour for 1km if we hike non-stop...chaiyok2!

At Laban Rata. This picture was taken after we have conquered the mountain. Satisfaction yg tak terhingga! :') Even though some of us didn't managed to reach the top of the mountain due to some health problems, but we all get the cert. Those who reached the top get the coloured one and those who managed to go halfway get balck and white cert. The cert also stated how high we go. heehe..

Ta da!! Half of us!! hehe...This group is the first group to reach the top (from ipba i mean) and guess what, i'm the first gurl to reach the peak at 5.30am!! Hehehe..we departed from Laban Rata at 3am to go to the peak. The weather was bad and we were not supposed to hike that day. Actually we can't. But the groups from RMC have already went up the mountain before the authority can stop them. So we just followed them. Hu...The wind was blowing cruelly and up there, there was no tree at all. Only rocks and lots of rocks and ravines.

Damn cold up there! See my face was red. becoz dem cold. da la ujan renyai2 msa trun sgt dangerous. Sdey x dpt amek gmba lawa masa sunrise coz sjuk sgt nk tggu x larat :( glove x waterproof and was wet. I was cold & hungry and mental n physical preparation are very2 important when u wanna go hiking okay guys. Luckily me n mimi met a forest ranger on our way back down. He helped us alot. thanks pkcik.

I've talked about mount kinabalu before.just browse through my archive for more stories ok :)


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uwaa....jgn gelak! hahhaha..x brubah ke? lawak plak tgk.dlu muke krus je ha.nw da chubby2 ;p