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Zurich, Switzerland

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Okay, the pictures below were taken during our 2008 Euro trip. In Switzerland, we decided to go to Zurich, the capital city. Why? Because it's easier to transport and lots of souvenirs shops and yeah, it's usually the tourism spot. In Switzerland, the living cost there was quite expensive and since we were all backpackers, we chose the cheapest, safest, and comfortable B&B to stay in.

Before we started our trip, we divided ourselves so that each one of us will have a responsibility to do research on a country. I got Florence, Italy. So, when this particular person got this place, h/she has to do a research including place to stay, food, tourist attractions, transportation and stuffs. And yes, responsibility and team work are very important when we are planning to go for a trip. And yes, the clan that you're going with is also very important. Whether you can get along with them or not, just..try to adapt yourself ok ;)

Us in train heading to our hostel

Ok, back to my story. So we stayed at a place called Biker's hostel or something like that if im not mistaken. That's the cheapest we can find. When we arrived there, it's already dark. We were so surprised when we reached the place because it looks like Kampung Baru area. Yes, in Switzerland. And then when we wanted to check-in, again, we were surprised by the owner(s) of the inn. Guess what, they were all bikers!!!! With long hair, tattoo all over their muscular body, big bikes, you-know-what-i-mean. haha...

At first we were so scared! We though that we might reached the wrong inn but it is the one that we booked earlier! Walla!!, with prayers in our heart, we entered the hostel...
And guess what, the bikers were all so friendly!!! and GENTLEMEN!!! (hati pink you called? ;p) OMG. hahaha! seriously, they opened the door for us, carried my luggage, and the words that they used was so polite!! YES! straight away i like them all even though my friends were still scared of them. LOL. I don't mind. I think they are not harmful to us. I like them very much. ;) And below is Edzlam and Faiz in the hostel.

Hihi..yeah, at night it was quite scary coz you have to walk quite a distance to get to the loo. And at night, people get drunk. So, just take care of yourself and ask your friends to accompany you to the loo ;)

Next day

This is us in the train heading to Rheinfall, the highest waterfall in Europe. It's located in Szwitzerland yes. hoho...I enjoyed the journey very much. Beautiful scenery, great companion, smooth journey, nice weather. What else could you asked for? ;)


The scenery from inside the train

Actually i wanted to capture the sunflowers blooming. hoho

Tadaa!! We finally arrived at our destination!! Hehe...So nice right!! :D

Rheinfall waterfall, Switzerland

Hehe..posing is a must :)

Suemay, k.wani, muna, hani & k.yuni at Rheinfall

Okay, here we go~~heading towards the waterfall!! much fun!!

That's us :)


We were heading to Interlaken to see the longest man-made bridge. hihi..




Then, we headed to Zurich, the capital of Switzerland. I bought lots of Swiss knives for my family members and people i love. You know who you are.hhee ;) It's much cheaper here you know. And you get to engraved your name on it! How cool is that? hehe..

This is mine. I carry it everywhere i go. So don't play2 with me~ ;p hehe

There was no car on the road. so here we are. ;p

Pity us coz on the day we went to the town it's a holiday in Switzerland. So most of the shops were closed.. T_T

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