Sunday, 7 February 2010

Merentas Sekolah, yep, it's SEKOLAH (I_I)'

Alright. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim....

I woke up at 6.15a.m. today (saja bangun lambat coz today we have Merentas Desa). With sleepy eyes, but wishful hopes, i took my bath and get ready to school. I was very excited to do the Merentas Desa with my students :) But to my disappointment, the supposedly Merentas Desa turned out to be Merentas SEKOLAH. Why??? I guess it's simply because there's no proper organizing were made before the event started (okey. I'm so pissed off with the one who is supposed to handle this event. can't mention any names here tho.huhu...)  Can u imagine our disappointments when we were told by him that the Merentas Desa event could not be carried out? Because the letter wasn't there, the PBSM segala. wth. All the teachers da buat muka anggur masam masa tau td. peh.

Anyways, we don't have other choices than to accept. So what we did was for Year 1 &2 they have to run around the school field 8rounds (crazy!!), year 3&4 10 rounds, and year 5&6 12 rounds. Yeah, can u imagine like there's 20 students who are running in the lap on the field. Then the teachers have to keep an eye on those who is leading, number 3,4,5,- 20.. OMG. it was so haywire i can say!!! What if there rae students who are very slow and haven't finished their 1st lap yet when the fastest ones have already run 2 rounds? How are we supposed to know who is faster than the other? HOWWW.......................bleeghhhhh...........So, here are some photos which i managed to capture during the so callled Merentas Desa event. enjoy~

warming up :)

taklimat before merentas Sekolah ;p

our field

my year 2 students..huhu

 my year 6 students. yg depan nie name die Adli. no 1 ye lari.hihi.
comey x comey x? ;>

okey.these are the stuffs that i have to prepare for my school's
ETEMS room. yep. my room will be very2 messy when it's working time! ;p

haha...see...when im doing my work, i like everything to be
on the floor all around me~~ :) yes, itu blog zack (best! ;p)
smbil wat kje smbil baca blog org.haha

KEWPA-7 forms. i need to fill in 4 copies...

okay. that's all for now.


Pija said...

hani larling, kite baru bace blog awk. haha :D macam agak best jugak. at least ade gak internet kan? good luck2. :))

balik sini jgn lupe bawak balik jagung dan sayur mayur awak tu ye ;p

hunny said...

hahaha....tq2~~~ syur2 x ckup besar lgi lah nk bwk balik. awk dtg la mlawat kte kt cni. nnti kte bg awk mkn syur kte tanam.ahaha ;p

s.c.h.u.l.t said...

cekgu kah? wuuuuuuuuu

hunny said...

yes i am! :)