Monday, 8 February 2010

Monday, 8 February 2010

Hello peeps! 
I'm still alive and breathing~ hihi...
Life has been quite good lately. Yesterday, we've get to eat nasi + lauk kenduri kawen
sent by kind ckgu Mizi & Nawi. haha..Actually, we were invited to the wedding, but all of us were 
so segan coz we barely know the orang2 kampung. Like, if there's a school teacher went there to help or here they called it as 'Rewang2',
it's okay, we can just tag along. The prob is we didn't know if there's a school teacher
who went to the kenduri. That's why. haha. So, all of us decided to stay at home
and cooked our lunch which is kari sardin.

While cooking, the 2 guys texted us asking whether we have eaten or not (hihi..riso due to the incident i muntah2 ble x makan! ;p) So they sent us some nasi + lauk2 kenduri...hahaha...yep, the 2 guys went
to the kenduri to Rewang2 la...laki xpe..xsegan sgt..ktorg yg pompuan 3 org ni plak
xpe2, next time..hoho...So, the conclusion is we had a very hearty lunch and dinner yesterday..hehe...
Tq to both of you!!! X sabaq nk tunggu keropok lekor terengganu! :D

Today, we had a gerko meeting after school...until 3.30pm...then cam biasa, i mesti kebuluq dah.
So we went to a stall with Pn. Nazah, our GPK 1...she will be staying with us tonight. Yep, because
her house is in Kulai which is 1 1/2 hours from school. She travels everyday to school by car. sometimes ble ade meeting ke, night class abes lewat, dia pn x larat nk drive home alone
da ptg2 usually she will put up a night at our home... hehe..sonok, meriah cket umah
ble ckgu Nazah ade. We love to gossip & talk! :D Oh, so, ptg td i makan kueteow goreng n ABC..
juga dibelanja oleh ckgu Nazah... hehe..

PAstu balik je umah td before g sport's practice, depan umah, cik Nor plak bru stat berniaga 
Roti Bom@Boom...she makes the frozen ones and read-to-eat one. Who wants, come to Sungai Ara.
hihi... :) So again, we get free food....which is Roti Boom!!! :) :) :)
(mcm tau2 je i was craving for roti canai lepas bce status nedd ;p)
hehe...Alhamdulillah...murah rezeki kami hari ini :)

I guess it's true...when u do a good deed, Allah will repay you with something better...
Maybe it's not in the form of what u wished for, but in a shape of something else..
Like me, i've got the rezeki in the form of food~~~ :D
Thank you Allah! 



Pija said...

rezeki dalam bentuk makanan mmg best. hani balik sini nanti belanje ok. kite ngan wani. cikgu kaye. hihihi :p

SoFie NuR said...

so niceeee
macam2 makan ehhh...

hope u enjoy teaching there
wish u all d best!!

hunny said...

pija: hehe...fariza, fyi, kte ni 3 bulan pertama x dapat gaji lagi ok. so tgh pokai nie...isk, ape kate nnti kte balik, awk ngn wani la blanje kte sbb due2 da keje kan? kan? hehehe :D

sofie: hehe..tq~~ rajin sofie bce blog hani yg xde pape nih :D