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Cruise Roma
From Granada, we took train to Barcelona. We have to take the night train because it takes almost 12 hours from Granada to Barcelona by train. Then, with people unnoticed that we actually didn't bathe the next morn (there's no shower in d train!), we spent our time walking and loitering around La Rambla area..for me, ma, and k.wani, it was our 2nd time there. Nothing have changed..the street performers are still the same and were still there..there's even more the new captured my attention and thus i took a photo with him! hihi..scary woo..We walked from one end to the others and then stopped to have our brunch which was a pair of Dunkin Donuts each.hehe.. makan donut tepi woo.. =)

After that, we search for the KFC because our friends told us that KFC in Barcelona is halal! With high hopes and rumbling stomachs we continue our food hunting. At the end it turns out that the KFC there is NOT HALAL. We did asked the staff at the KFC of course. isk...keciwa lagi.. [T_T] Then our next alternative is to eat we went to Carefore to buy some drinks and snacks to eat on cruise and then proceed to Kebab's house to tapau some kebab. hu...After that we went to take a bus to the Cruise Roma office to check in to our Cruise. Believe it or not, we have to wait for almost 30 mins for the bus to come and pay 2euros for a journey that would only took us 15mins walking. Dem it! If we knew the office is just nearby we would have walk instead! Hey, 2 euros pon duet jugak tau! membazir tul.ish. Luckily afterward we don't have to pay for the bus which took us to the Barcelona harbour. The bus was quite full and full with Italian citizens (if im not mistaken by listening to their conversations and looking at their fine looking figures.hehe). I think all of them want to get back to their country. hu..Then when we reached the port, the gate was closed. The bus driver honked for several times, no i mean a lot of times but there's no one turns up to open the gate for us! The bus driver keep honking for about 10mins and then when he lost his patience, he himself get off and open the gate. All of the passengers in the bus (including me) were so fed up with the gate's guards whoever they are. And then, ble the bus driver already opened the gate, barula the guards at the gate tkedek2 dtg nek moto nk bukak gate. WTF! Some of the back passengers in the bus were knocking on the bus windows and were swearing at the irresponsible guards. padan muke. huh. What a day!

Next, we have to queue to get on the cruise. yeah, with the sun, the heat, the people queuing, the sweats, the 'unbathed' us, we did need some patience to bear with all those front of us there were these 2 drop-dead gorgeous guys queuing to get on the same cruise as us! They are young and gorgeous! Actually they rode in the same bus that we took before. Of course i'd noticed them before. hoho..Me and suemay cop one each and we kept eyeing and following them until we get on the cruise. haha..but i xdela follow and tgk yg obvious gler tu..wat biase2 je..haha..

Then after we got our cabins, i took a long bath (yela after 1day x mandi) and ate my fillet-o-fish burger which i had bought with me before. Then, after isyak all of us go up to the restaurant on the top level of the cruise to have our dinner.. which were kebabs that we tapau first we were thinking of ordering some foods at the restaurant, but it turns out that they only serves drinks and snacks. hu..The best part was when we were walking toward our table..There are already lots of people at the restaurant. and when we were walking toward our table, i noticed all eyes were on us! yes, on US! Suddenly i felt like a celebrity who won a Grammy Award and was walking on the red carpet.haha..but u know, it's usual. We're the only Muslims (i think so) on the cruise who wore head scarfs and there were 9 of us. 6 girls, 3guys. So, although i felt quite awkward when people were staring at us, but i kept on walking until we reached our table. Then we just acted normal and ate our kebab and chatted until midnite. haha..reminds me of maple in malaysia..missing..isk T_T. And yes, the 2 drop-dead gorgeous guys sat across of us and hihi..

The next morn, i was really excited to watch the sunrise, so after the Subuh prayer i went and knocked on my friends' cabins to wake them up and invited them to join me. Maybe we are a bit late coz the sun was already out a bit, but still, it still looks likes the sun had just rise :) Watching the sunrise on the cruise was like a dream comes true for me..i love sunrise and sunset..especially at the beach..i've watched sunrise before, but never was lovely...subhanallah..the clouds were so beautiful with the shades and stripes of orange, purple, yellow, grey..i'd wanted the time to stop...yeah, it happens that we're the only one on the top of the cruise that morning and others were the cabin crews who were cleaning the top level. I x kesah, yg penting i nk tgk sunrise! i asked them and they said it's ok. So we took photos like crazy and enjoyed our moments together until its about 8am. the sunrise at 6am. hu..then we got back to our cabins and continue our sleep..hihi..yeah..ngntuk seyh..

Luckily i woke up at 10 and was ready when we heard the announcement that we have to leave our cabins as the crews want to clean them up for the next passengers. We were due to reach Italy that noon. So, hastily my friends and i packed our luggages and rush to the waiting area. we reached Civitavechia at 3pm and then we took train to Rome. And know what, the 2guys were on the same train! whoa! panjang jodoh..hahaha ;p

me on cruise during sunrise




At Rome, we visited Colloseum but we didnt go in because we don't have spare money to spend just to look at piles of rocks. aha..just kidding..i was having my temper on that day..coz i was too tired and biasela..jln rmai2..msti ade msalah n salah faham i was really2 quite and had a sour guys..don't mean it ;p


kt mne ek..anglican city?


I wore my new bought blouse to Pisa. I bought the blouse for only 2euros! haha..very cheap meh..bli je la kan.haha ;p i also bought a pink leather handbag for myself..hihi..'s are some crazy photos that we took..

peluk jgn x peluk ;p



I bought a leather wallet for my dad and a leather purse for my mom in Florence whereas Edzlam bought 3leather handbags for his fiancee, his mother-in-law, and his mom! haha..blanje sakan kamu ye ed..xpe2, untung kb..hehe..And yes, when we were looking for the direction to our hostel, we got lost. So we stopped to ask this one auntie at a nearby park. You know what, when she saw my friend walking towards her, she turned her to face another direction. And even before my friend spoke anything, she already said that she didn't know and if u look at her face..omg, like she hates us loads..not a single smile.. but well, dats one of the things u must expected when u're here..some would have like you here..while the others will throw u that hatred looks..biasala..manusia..anyway, i believe that as long as we have good intention, we should bothers nothing. Let them think what they want as long as we know we are right and didnt do any wrong to them..kan? :)

In our hostel, again, there's a guy in our this fate? All of our dorms there must be a guy or two in it. ish. and He's Korean. We called him Jack..And having had Suemay and ma who are fans of Korean movies..paham2 je la ape jadi..Hobosaiyok!! hohoho...we chit-chatting until late night..and i was surprised when he told us that he is interested about Islam. He did asked lots of questions regarding my beloved religion and one of the the things that he likes is in Islam, men would be the leader in the family and the wife has to obeyed the husband. This is because, in Korea, wife would have more power than the husband. It's like the opposite from our ways. In Korea, the husband has to seek for the wife 's permission before deciding on anything and the wife will control the money..and Jack didn't like that...he didn't want to get married.hahaha...We invited him to our place in plymouth before we depart. Hopefully we'll meet him again and then he can cook us some Korean foods! yeah!! he likes cooking.hehe..

tgk bdak kt blakang tuh.bkn men hepi!

Our next destination is place of romance..we rode on a water bus to get to Venice and getting there, we (the girls) have to take our luggage up and down the bridges to get to our we bridge..two bridges..three bridges..supposedly we only have to crossed 3 bridges, but then, we lost. turns our we're heading on the opposite direction. OMG! turning back?? we have to take our luggage back..4 more bridges to go..isk =( seb bek ade guys..tme kaseh ed, faiz, warid..u're our then, we reached the hostel, and guess what, the receptionist was on the very top level which is level 4!! Dem! and the flight of stairs upstairs...only God knows...dgn curamnye, tingginye, sume cukup. There's no lift/ escalator of course. And then the best part was when we reached the top, i got the news that me and my housemates' room is actually on the next building.. Q.Q we felt like crying! After all our efforts getting our luggage up there..isk..i was the last one getting down..and the receptionist saw me..then he said 'i think ur luggage weight more than u. come on, let me help u.leave it. i'll take ur luggage' hehhe....thank God..baek hati...fuh..Our room in the next building was actually a whole house.haha..we conquered the whole house to ourselves..best2.. :) Yeah, don't dream to use internet in Venice. It'll cost u 60euros per hour. no kidding. and the cheapest food u can get will costs u 15euros per menu. unless u only eat pizza which is only 5euros each.

I bought some masks in Venice, we rode a Gondola..and i have had a chance to control the Gondola yey!! and the gondola man said its only myth that all the gondola man will know how to sing.they don't.they only drive the instead, we sang in the gondola. along the ways, some tourists took our photos! haha..maybe we're a way too excited and were giggling, laughing, singing, and talking too much it captured everyone's attentions! ;P And yes, we had the best spaghetti ever in Venice! the taste of it still lingers in my mouth..Seafood Spaghetti with white sauce...omg...i wanna eat it again..someone pliz buy them for me? plis... Q.Q
venezia di waktu senja..

seafood spaghetti yg best gler..

St Marco

rambang mate plih mask

me n muna.hihi

a bridge in Venice

Gondola ride~

We spent half a day at Milan whilst waiting for our next train to Zurich. Milan is indeed a high street place with all the branded shops and very city like. I don't like Milan.haha..i just bought a postcard from here.seryesly. enough of buildings.



Ray Ban anyone?

So sorry guys, these are some of the pictures that i have with me right now. Most of the pictures are still with ma and she's in Greece right now. I have to wait for her to come back to get the pics out of her Nikon D40 cam. hu...So, altogether, i think Venice and Florence are the best place to set ur feet on if u wanna go to Italy. Other places didn't interest me much. enough said.

Love you,

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