Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Zurich, Switzerland

Yes, Zurich Switzerland was our next destination after a week in Spain and Italy. If you have noticed, all of our destinations are the capital city of the country and the reason is because that's where the main railway station is and most of the capital city should be interesting right? hihi...We arrived in Zurich a bit late which was almost midnight and after considering all the consequences that we would face, we decided to take a cab instead of tram to our hostel, Bikers' Home. So we went....we showed our hostel's address to the cab's drivers and to our astonishments, one driver has to seek advice and opinions from another driver, and that driver has to seek opinions from another driver, and this went on for almost 5 cab's drivers there! OMG, what's happening here?? Is our hostel is sooo secluded that none of them knew where it is?? We're started panicking and worried. It's almost midnight and we're tired, and we're alone in a strange place surrounded by strangers. Finally, one of the cab's driver phoned the hostel and ask for direction to the hostel. phew. slamat taxi drivers baek2 belaka.slamat duet hp ktorg juge.hehe...

As there are 9 of us, we took 3cabs with a guy in each cab to protect us girls la knunnye kot2 kne culik nntikan..sme guys tau silat, insyallah slamat...hehe.. then the cabs started their journeys...again, we started to panicked when the meters naek macam air! tup tup tup die naek. Da arrived late at night at Zurich, ktorg redha je la..nk wat the cab masuk tmpt cm Kg Baru...seryesly! Lagila ktorg panicked! We spoke in Malay in that cab (so that the taxi driver won't understand us)

Me: "Ma, Faiz, manela die nk bawak kte ni...gelap smacam je tmpt Kg Baru pon ade..isk..nk jual
kte ke?"
Ma: "hahaha! tula pasal. i pon x tau la hani..redha je la kalo kne jual pon..Mak, abah, maapkan yana.."

hehe..there's some of the conversations dat's going on between us. funny eh? mmg pon! And suddenly, the cab stop. And yes. we had arrived at our Hostel!! Kalo tgk, sbijik cm ktorg ni balik kampung nk beraye. dgn tanah merahnye...umah kayu cm chalet..smapi plak tgh esok nk raye je..seryes! haha...then, we end up each have to pay almost 10 Swiss Franc for the taxi.isk T_T. And then, we dragged our trolley bags to the reception....and surprise surprise!! Guess who welcomed us? Yeah...two tattooed guys were drinking beers and playing cards at the table at the lounge and the receptionist himself! hahah...we're all went scared and prayed in our hearts...what's is this place? takotnye org2 kt cni...ahaha...yesh..but, surprisingly, the tattooed guy welcomed us dgn friendlynye, siap tlg angkat my luggage lagik! haha...he's very2 kind indeed, smile never escaped his face, and he's willing to help us with almost everything! yesh! And they are all i think bikers...the ones who rode all the big motorbikes..cmtu la org2 yg stay and jage hostel nie..bdan besa2 sume...tattooed..rmbut pnjang...hehe..but hey, don't judge a book by it's cover! hati baek....sgt baek....sye suke mereka =) And our rooms are not bad either. Some of the duvet covers are filled with flowery patterns and some cartoons patterns. how cute...hehe..bikers decorated their hostel like sweet...hikhik ;p

Yes, some of ud didn't feel comfortable staying there. We have to walk quite far from our rooms to get to the loo like at Asrama and along the way we have to walk pass an alley which has several doors of other rooms. And from my observation, the majority of people who stayed there are guys. not the usual guys, but the bikers.huhue...but i don't mind that. For me, its not a problem as long as they are nice people and not racists. And i still remembered one night after i took my bath, when i was out from the bathroom, the tattooed guy that i mention before is right there in front of the bathroom waiting to get inside. Dalam hati tkot jgak la, i sorang kt ctu, len sume lelaki. hu..then, i snyum je, n tros jalan nk balik blek. Then the tattoed guy saw me, smiled, and sua tgn nk salam smbil ckp "Goodnight madam! Goodnight madam!" hehe..i was quite surprised at first but then i just angguk, wished him gudnite back, and walked hands r full with my toilettries u know. hu..trasa dilayan mcam queen plak kt cni.xpenah2 di wish sdemikian before at mana2 hostel! =D

The next day we went to Rheinfall which is about 2hours from Zurich. Along the way, we saw beautiful sceneries, beaches, and lakes..yes, Switzerland sgt2 lawa...for a naturalist like me, im sure u'll fall in love with Switzerland. Rheinfall was a very2 beautiful place indeed. It's one of the tourist spot there and tmpt kwsn tdahan hujan if im not mistaken. ala2 Niagara Falls pon ade..x cye tgk gmba kt bawah nie...We spent quite sometimes there, rode a boat to cross the lake and then we headed straight to titi terpanjang kt Switzerland...cantek.....

pemandangan di spanjang jalan ke Rheinfall


Niagara Falls..hehe


on d boat nk g seberang

Yesh! bjaye menawan puncak!

menghayati keindahan ciptaan Allah

Switzerland's longest wooden bridge (The Hurden to Rapperswirl Bridge)

me on bridge

I'm sure u guys must be wondering whether we've been skiing on d mountain Alps in Swiss or not rite? hu..the answer is NO.. we didn't have money to do so.. isk T_T.. the lowest mountain will costs us 50euros just to get up there by train...but since it's summer, there won't be any snow on top of this lowest mountain. And the highest mountain which definitely will has snow and we can ski on it will cost us more than duet la sayang, next time lah kte naek ye...Zurich and Rheinfall were not bad..hehe..below are the pictures of us in Zurich city....cantik juga, tp malang, tme we all round2 the town it was Sunday, and ALL the shops were closed..isk..sadis sungguh.pnat sye sungguh2 nk shopping. last2 shopping souvenirs and swiss knife je..hehe..

resting on flight of stairs when all the shops closed.. T_T

I'm in Swiss!!

amek gmba je la ngn flags..

chomel btol si beruang polar


zurich again

gtg now, love ya


Najia Abdul Razak said...

i love switzerland. i think i went to zurich hehe! but i know i went to bern! bestnye hani!

hunny said...

hihi..rili??'s so nice najia =)