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As a continuation to my previous entry, i will note down some of my 2008 Summer Trip's experiences that haven't escaped my forgetful mind yet. As my friends and I embarked on our journey on the 14th July 2008, i knew it was such a loss for me to forget bringing a notebook to jot down all my trips (as i didnt bring a laptop to write down my blog). However, having a selective memory, i've tried hard to remember every single interesting and unforgettable things that happen to me and all of us :)

1) Spain
Spain was our first destination. After spending a night a London Luton Airport, we flew to Madrid at 8am (maybe )and we reached Madrid at almost noon. The flight was smooth at the beginning but was getting worse towards the landing. I still remember d horrible landing with lots of bumping into clouds which send my stomach and heart out of my body. I have to grip tightly to the hand rest (although i knew it won't have change anything) and prayed silently in my heart for a safe landing. Added to that, one of my ears ached so much due to the differences in the air pressure and therefore i was really quiet and bearing the pain to myself until we landed in Madrid. Thanks God we manage to arrive safely in Madrid. phew.

From Madrid airport, we headed straight to the main train station to reserve our Eurorail Tickets for the journeys we are going to make throughout the Spain. We took a tube which took us almost one hour to reach the main train station. Luckily the tube's fares only costs us 1euro for each trip. hu...Then, our first surprised came...the total our tickets' reservation costs us almost 60euros for trips in Spain..We didn't expect this..i didn't know that we have to pay THAT much just for a reservation... T_T Anyway, as it's Summer, lots of people and tourists are coming in and hence raising the costs of everything to the max. uh hu..

I hate Madrid. After getting off the tube, i had to carry my luggage up and down the stairs...which were lotssss!!! They have no escalator of lift!! WTH! i kept on cursing throughout my way to the Eurorail office. haha..sorry can't help it tho ;p And the weather in Spain..OMG i tell u, its soaring up to 39 degrees! After a year and a half living in UK with all the windy and cold weather, we were greeted by 39 degrees weather..haha..luckily no one get sick and i have to drink a lot of water to prevent myself from getting dehydrated.

From Madrid, we went to Cordoba by Eurorail and reached Cordoba at about 7pm. That night, we're getting excited to watch the Flamenco dance and after leaving our luggage in our rooms, we headed straight to the Flamenco Dance place. It was held open air in place which is quite near to our hostel. Param param..we walked there and were really excited to enjoy the show. The show begins with a guitar playing by a Spanish guy. It sounds beautiful...and if u watched his's expert i tell u. whoa..then if follows by a Spanish lady singing the Spanish songs...then she duet with the Spanish guy..playing and singing Spanish songs again..i think the song is about a love story coz they played and sang so emotionally and whole-heartedly.haha.. again and again we waited..and the guys (Faiz, Edzlam, and Warid) 's heads all start coming down forward one-by-one..and i'm started to put my elbow on my knees to support my face..ahaha..where's the famous Flamenco Dance?? Shut btol la..tipah tertipu is getting late and we're getting hungry and tired.. and then we left even before the show ends..haha..

Frustrated with the show, we went and start our food searching..until almost 12pm...we couldn't find any open halal Kebab's shop nearby...isk.. T_T then at the end we just ate some ice-cream and slept with empty stomachs..isk..sian btul ktorg bek sempat bgamba malam2 ngn lampu2 yg cantik.hehe..and yes, another surprise. the 6 of us girls, we book a dorm for 8. and it happened to be that our 7th and 8th dorm mates are a girl and guy from England.haha..Rudy and Michael. Michael is studying in Uni Exeter and kacak jgak tak.first day da kne tdo sbilik ngn laki.phew.

The next day we went to Mezqita, which if im not mistaken was a once a mosque. It was really2 beautiful....i'll post the pix below and let it describe it for u..

Flamenco night

Dapat begamba ngn bju flamenco dancer pon jadila..isk

Mezqita, Cordoba

Mezqita, Cordoba

Sevilla is d next place we went in Spain. We slept one night at Sevilla. Nothing much happened here..we just went for a walk to cover the city..and then took some photos..

Hani and Warid mengurut badan smentara menunggu bdak2 ni
shopping at Zara..haha

Bull ring yok

All of us. this pix was taken by a Muslim friend we encountered
along d way

At Granada we spent also 1 night..We've visited Al-Hambra there..Al- Hambra was indeed a palace and fortress complex of the Moorish rulers of Granada in Southern spain (also known as Al-Andalus) . It was once the residence of the Muslim rulers and their court. In the 16th Century, the Christians invaded Spain and some of the Christians intervention can still be seen in buildings architecture and gardens marked in Al-Hambra. A very2 beautiful place..All the palaces have the jawi engravings on them..and yes, we do have another 2guys in our hostel at granada. peh. Luckily by the time the two guys entered our room, i have already fallen asleep. And by the time i left, the haven't woke up yet. tu la mnum arak byk sgt.yes,, they were drunk. my fren told me the two guys stink! ALhamdulillah those guys pandai cari katil mereka sendiri..which one is on my top bed.haha..i x sdar langsung mse mereka smpai. seryesly. too exhausted kot. low

Inside Al-Hambra

Me again

Reflection in the water

Kalimah Allah di dinding palace

Yes, i think that's all for now. Im tired now..if u wanna view more photos, wait for the next few weeks. i haven't took the photos from my frens' cameras yet. saba ye..hoho..

love you,

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