Wednesday, 18 March 2009

dari kerana mata~

After a long time I haven't watched 'black & white' tv soaps, just now i've just had a chance to do so.haha..The title? I dunno what xp forgive me ;p Actually i enjoy watching 'black & white' soaps a.k.a cerita2 zaman P.Ramlee coz i enjoy the language and their acting (altho sometimes quite over skit ;p) haha..The language that they use is so beautiful what's icing up with the melodious songs they sing and poetical language~ wohaa i just love it! haha...But to actually watched d soaps nowadays, sometimes it's a bit funny especially when we're not using that certain language anymore. example? here..

Mariam: Oh, makcik! Budi pekerti makcik sangat menarik hati ini! (saying with full emotions:) )

Makcik: Oh. Bukan main lagi luka ini. (while she's examining a cut on an injured man's forehead)

Pakcik: Bangsat-bangsat itu tidak boleh dibiarkan terlepas! (yep, quite harsh d language used kan? ;p) i think d dialogues above themselves are self-explanatory why i can stay up alone at 1am just to watch d soaps kan? hehe ;p


ah^kam_koko' said...

Art is timeless!

awatif 'adilah atan said...

bestnyer dpt tgk fav tau!
" oh,sungguh indah hari kamu dpt menyaksikan filem ini"
(tiru ayat pramlee. Cite azizah ke?

hunny said...

hehe...yep koko! hehe..
tiku: xtau cte ape..akak die name mariam, adik die name halimah. hu..