Thursday, 19 March 2009

Read your letter(s) early!!

This is what happened when u're so oblivious of your surroundings and i meant ME!! How come i be so egoistic and ignorance that i refuse to take a look at letterS from my Lloyds bank in England assuming that they are merely my account statements? How foolish i am! And i get to know this when my mom called me from IPGM BA to tell me that there's another letter coming from the Bank. So, this really is getting on my nerves now. 3 letters in a month? From the same bank? So tmorrow i quickly went home and READ all my letters......There u go. I have AN OVERDRAFT! How did this happen?? And then d statement shows that it because of my Greendog telephone bills account. IT automatically deduct at least 7pounds a month from my bank account. But hey! I've told them i wanted to terminate d contract with them since like last december 2008?? WTH is happening? And 7 pounds is NOT the reason why i'm fuming up. it's the OVERDRAFT FINE which i have to pay the bank that fumes me up!! Can u imagine, just because the 7pounds overdraft, now i have to pay like 70pounds for the bank overdarft fine?? because the fine is like 6pounds per day since i commit the overdraft. and that was on the 23rd february 2009? and now is like 23march 2009? And that's include the 15pounds monthly overdraft fine which i have to pay. YEah yeah, i know, it's because of my own mistake for not having READ the letters EARLIEr....AAaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

So, i've wrote an email to greendog to clarify my greendog bills, called d bank to ask about my overdraft thingy...and when d greendog company hasn't reply my e-mail (i really hate it when people ignore my request! if there's anything, do tell me at least? we're living in techno world anyway).huh. yes, so i wrote another another email to the greendog company since i failed to reach them through phone cAlls. And u cam imagine how do i sound in the 2nd e-mail. haha..don't try my patience darl~ i have my limit too ;p Then only i got a reply...finally! and they said that they're sorry and they will refund the money into my account's what happen. and with the bank? yes, i still have to pay the fines. I didnt actually tell them what's exactly happened because i know d problem roots from my own mistakes and ignorance as well. Well, they've tried to remind me by sending letters (which i've ignored right?) that teach me well. isk..Burn dwet i 70 pounds ;(


ah^kam_koko' said...

Good thing you got the GreenDog fees returned!
Maybe if you talk really nicely to the bank manager he will waive the small fine... Maybe.

nedd. said...

sori to hear about it. ptut la u busy.. :D