Wednesday, 25 March 2009

talking about teachers..

Police at the scene where a girl was found strung up by the neck from a tree in Sg Choh

this pic was taken from here.

OMG..what is happening nowadays? There are crimes and suicides happening everywhere, everytime...Children, teenagers, even d old ones were d victims of the cruelness in this world...Where's the loving and nice citizens that we brag we are? Where's the unity that we claimed we have? Where's d sympathy and helping hands when they are most needed? And the most important thing, WHERE ARE WE when all of these cases happened??

We might not able to be there at the scene to help them physically, but there are many ways in which we can help them right? What's the meaning of wasting your tears for a couple of minutes and then go out and behave like nothing has happened? When do we help them? And how are we helping them if we behave like that? It's like we're having d sympathy for them for 1 minute and lost them a minute afterward. Maybe this is happening becoz we're becoming more individualistic, more selfish, and more materialistic..yes, everything dat ends with the '-tic' stuffs are not good right? haha. Laugh at yourself for succeeded in becoming one.

Honestly, I'm proud to say that im going to be a teacher (insyallah next year) as i would have my chance to mold my students to be productive and useful citizens. At least i've found my way to help curbing all these social problems and crimes. What about u? hoho..don't look down on a teaching profession darls~ i know many of us look down to this profession as they love to compare the salary of a teacher with other professions such as doctors, engineers, etc2..but hey, what's with the money compared to what you can do? Read this,

If a doctor mistreats his patient, only a patient will die..
If an engineer/architect makes mistakes, only a building will collapse..
But if a teacher makes mistake, the whole generation will suffer..

Isn't true? See how important a teacher is? haha..But it's sad to read that there are also many cases where teachers are so negligence and irresponsible of the profession that they are wearing. They did all sorts of things which have welcome (-ve) comments about teachers..change people perceptions about teachers..and becoz of these irresponsible fellas, we also get the blames. duh. haha,,anyhow, it's not easy to become a teacher tau. bukan bole simply masuk klas and tell students, "ok murid2, turn to page ... and do this exercise". haha..if u're a lame teacher maybe u can do dat. but sorry, i wont do dat unless in desperation. Teaching is our job and our 'amanah', so we have to do it as good as we can or not we'll be question later on in Akhirat. Sape nk jawb? bole kamu tlg jwb? hu..T_T Lagipun best ape jd teacher coz we can actually be anything we wanted in the classroom. Teacher is d classroom manager, classroom actors, supervisor, counselor, helper, parents, and many more in the classroom. Furthermore, we can shape our students to be anything we like! (i mean d (+ve) ones lah.haha) furthermore, (eceh..nk tmbah lg tu ;p)our clients are HEALTHY people not the sick ones.hahaha! ;p

So, i'm proud to say that i'm grateful to be a teacher. LEh jmpe bdak2, manusia sbenar, not machines, have a chance to help people and teach people, and change a person! Isn't wonderful? hehe.. :)


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