Thursday, 19 March 2009

you are okay right?

OMG. I've just a had a rili2 bad dream last nite. Dreamt of 1 of my old frens from mrsm(name can't b revealed)died! and it's so tragic how she died! She went to Pekan, Pahang for holiday/i don't know why, but then i've just heard the news about her death from my another mrsm fren! D fren told me that they are going to visit her grave later that afternoon. SO i was like what? when did it happened? So they told me. When she was in Pekan, Pahang, there was an 'amuk' eh org panggil by lanun or something i dun rmember.ho. And 3 got killed in that incident, including her. Their bodies were cut into pieces and sailed on a small wooden boat. So that's how their bodies were found.
Scarrrryyyyy kan?????? AAA.aaaaaaaa..........i tros bangung n text my dear fren to ask how's d girl now. OMG. im really hope none of this turn out to b true!! =(

But i heard somewhere that if we dreamt of someone died, that means that someone gonna live it true? well, ajal maut d tangn tuhan kan. Anyway, maybe above is d lesson for me to wake up EARLY nest time n not to have overslept! not telling u how long i slept last nite ;p

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