Monday, 11 May 2009

Kakiku digigit ikan! many of u have never been to CM a.k.a. Central Market?? angkat tangan pat pat! hoho..i know Muna haven't!'s okay mun, 1 day we'll go there ya~ :D hihi..

That was my first time going to CM after 2 years abroad, many have changed, now CM is nothing like it used to be. Yep, I knew CM since my schooldays back in CBN..used to go there quite often too to accompany my friends n to find some things yg mepek2..haha..

me in CM

Now CM has been divided into 3 alleys, the Malay alley, the Chinese alley, and the Indian alley. And there are Old Town, Secret Recipe, n food court upstairs!! Best2!! I just love the cultural n all these unique things mind you! haha..sian faralee she had to bear with me walking as slow as a turtle scrutinizing n touching everything i laid my eyes on! They're so lovely! The batik fans, decorations, d Indian quilt, bags, d terompah..OMG, i fell in love with the batik terompah there. Handmade.beautiful.price like rm80+ ;( i wished i had enough money to buy that.. ;(

hu..x dpt amek gmba ngn lorong2 yg cun d bwah.nnti org kdai mara ;(

But hey, jalan2 upstairs i managed to grab this 1 batik skirt! It costs rm70 but after some discount i've got it at the price of rm50!! Later i'll take one when im wearing ya! ;) and 1 more thing.

I also managed to persuade faralee to join me in doing the 'Cute Fish Spa'! only costs us rm5 for 15mins! Worth it right! At other places it might have costs u around rm20+ ok! Since that was my first time letting the 'cute' fish swimming and 'eating' out my dead skin cells, i was quite scared and geli la at first.No.all the way! I think i screamed quite loud coz suddenly there were a LOT of people gathering around us to see what is happening.the two pakcik mat salleh in front of me were gaping and laughing at us at that time.haha..sorry guys, it was soooo ticklish!! :D u guys should try the fish spa! ur feet would feel as light as cotton once u're done!

cute fish spa!

But u guys better check it out first coz just now faralee told me that the fishes could transfer diseases (coz logically thinking, the fish would eat our dead skin cells, then another person hop in the pool, the fishes went on to eat that person's dead skin cells, and then another one..think ok). hu..i've never thought about that when i was doing the fish spa ur own research okay? Then tell me :)'s very ticklish okay!



SoFie NuR said...

wah..shoppin2..best2..nanti nak buat jugak la yg ikan kecik2 tu time summer ni..

SangKunang said...

hani, jom kita gi celup kaki kat kolam ikan keli....

hunny said...

sangkunang: ikan keli? bia bena kamu ni.x pena dibuat org.xpe2, kamu celup,sye amek gmba je.ok? hahahaha ;p