Monday, 25 May 2009

Sarawak weekend get-away 23-24th May 2009 & World Harvest Festival

Yep2! To Kuching Sarawak!! hehe...thanx a bunch to bb coz sggp bangun pagi2 bute anta i pegi epot, thanks for being there for me when i need u, i love you. :)

Our flight boarded at 8.20am in the morn and i was a bit late coz btolak lewat, so smpai2 epot tros lari2 cari hazie n check-in, but sempat snap 1 or 2 pixs wif my loved ones like down here :)

Then flite da terbang, d first thing we did was browsing the flight's mag to see d breakfast available.ahaha..we're hungry okay!! Lawak gel naek2 flite da order food ;p Hazie updated me with her life news n so do i. At the same time sian mamat besides hazie coz he was sleeping n had to bear with our nasi lemaks' smell~ ngee

We arrived at Kuching airport at 11am, waited for abg sedare hazie to come n pick us up (1 hour of waiting ;p) then went straight away to Sarawak Cultural Village.

Sarawak Cultural Villageor Taman Budaya Sarawak
Located quite far from town, u rili need a transportation to get here. Near to Santubong beach, we didn't managed to go to the beach were celebrating the Harvest Festival that weekend, so there's lots of events going on when we were there. Here the pics.

OH ye, when we were waiting for our shuttle van to the hotel, we spotted jimmy (AF) n his friends yg i-don't-know-and-don't-give-a-dem-who kt SCV nih. hazie of coz took some photos with them while i just watched them.haha.overall, d trip was fun.xsempat nk cover byk tmpt coz attractions sana jauh2 kan.

anyway, so far orag sarawak yg kami jumpa suma baek2, very nice n frenly :) suka membantu. org sarawak guys kebanyakannya di border line between handsome n cute (eh need to mention eh? hehe ;p) so, sila2 sapa2 mau pergi sarawak, sila :)

and, thanks to johny n gg coz sudi jemput saya pulang ke ipba pada waktu malam.u're my bff :)

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