Sunday, 10 May 2009

Nuang Expedition

Alhamdulillah, tanggal 9 Mei 2009 kami telah berjaya mendaki puncak Gunung Nuang, gunung tertinggi di negeri Selangor dengan ketinggian 1457m. That was my second time climbing the mountain, the first one was in 1996 when i was in standard 4..hehe..yep2 :)(all the photos here were taken by master azri.sile cari name beliau dlm list name d sbelah.hehe..i don't bring my cam coz it's heavy! ho.thanks azri!)

We planned to depart from IPGM KBA sharp at 5.15am but due to some unforeseen circumstance, we departed at 6am. Im so excited in the bus during the journey that i couldn't sleep at all. Additionally, with the old songs playing on the radio by the bus driver, it's just so funny to fall asleep while u were reading the song lyrics! hihi ;p oh ya, the gunung Nuang is situated at Hulu Langat, Selangor and it is a 1 1/2 hour journer from our college ;)

before d climbing

Start climbing
After doing some warming-up and stretching, we started our climbing at 8.50am. We took almost 2 hours to reach the first check-point which is Kem Lolo. The path to reach the Kem Lalo is still okay coz there's a track for those who wanted to climb the mountain. So we just follow the pathway ;) Since it was our first time climbing the mountain after quite a long time not doing so, so penat la skit mule2 kan..byk pit stop.hehe...We had fun borak2 smbil jalan2 tu siap smpat maen teka-teki lagik.haha..u guys r so fun!! :D

our journey to our first check-point, Kem LOLO

1st check-point: Kem Lolo
We reach this check-point at 11am and spent almost an hour here. Yep, there's a river nearby so lepak2 la dlu tepi sungai up air mane2 yg patut..hihi..actually i didn't realized that we have reached our first check-point. I thought it was just another pit stop. after we have walked to our second check-point did i realized that it was our 1st check-point.haha..

lawa x lawa x? hehe

yep, d water is so clear dat u can straight away drink from d river! :). ni da kt bhgian atas, bkn sungai di bawah ye..hehe

basuh stoking ke dik?hikhik ;p

2nd check-point: kem pacat
The journey from Kem Lolo to Kem Pacat is where ur real adventures began. We strated our journey at 12pm. Yes i tell u, quite challenging. There's no more track, only the natural pathway that u have to carefully follow so that u won't lose track..n the pathway is not easy. It's 45degrees or more than that sometimes n tanah merah, n we have to climb above the dead trees, go underneath them, go through pkok2 buluh, pnjat batu, akar2 kayu, n d pathway plak so small, just enough for one person to go through at a time. Then we had to cross several rivers which the rocks r slippery and the water flows fiercely.

If we have to walk d line it's fine, but when we have to climb (what's more 45 degrees??) the feeling is different! yep! very2! lg cepat penat/ semput (or is it just me? ;p) ahhaa...

Luckily we were moving in a big group (30 of us), so we don't really feel so tired. Our friends are there to support us, give us motivational words, cheer us up, n even play songs from their handphones along our way up! hehe..meriah skit kan :) Im really thankful they were there n support me when i need their hands. Friends r great kan? :) Letih memang letih. everytime panjat tu duk pkir ble nk smpai atas je..haha..

bj sye mmg sudah bsah lencun time ni peluh2.haha

ok, plih2,sume single lagi kan nie? hikhik ;p

At 2.45pm, we reached the Kem Pacat, our 2nd check-point. I think they need to change the name from Kem Pacat to Kem Lebah coz yeah, there's a hell lot of bees there compared to leeches!! We had to eat our lunch surrounded by bees!! can u imagine that? haha..dun't worry, i didn't got stung (although some of my friends did ;p ) hoho..

Kem Pacat was our final destination coz we can't continue our climb to the top due to the condition. (Xckup mase sbb naik lambat, so afraid kalo kita naik smpai puncak atas nnti x smpat nk trun smpai bawah sbb hari da gelap). So we had our lunch n Zuhur prayer at kem pacat.

climbing down
Climbing down was d best n interesting part coz tiba2 suma laju je gerak kan sbb turun.hehe..but we had to be careful since it's very slippery, tanah merah 45 degrees okay. ho..Trun to Kem Lalo took us only 1 1/2 hours compared to 2hrs climbing up :) At 5pm, we spent our 1 hour mandi2 kt sungai kejap n perform Asar prayer. gila mandi sungai air sgt sejukkk~ :) but also sad coz 1 of my earrings got lost when i was changing my clothes :(

at 6pm, btolak trun n pulang. took us another 2 1/2's getting dark n we had to use our torchlights.. Some of my friends said they can see a lot of snakes kt tepi2 pathways yg ktorg lalu tu, but luckily no one got stung or injured by the snakes. Actually i didn't realized there were snakes coz i was like busy chit-chatting with d guy beside me.haha ;p but anyway, the trip was fun! :)

yey! smpai kem pacat pon jadila..hoho

Now, i was relaxing my feet in a pail of warm water before im going to sleep tonite :) See u then! da~


akUbUkAnMalaiKaT~ said...

pg xajak

hunny said...

xnmpak kamu cmne nk ajak. ho..

okey, jum2 next one 23rd may. kasi nama kt thaiyibah ok ;)

akUbUkAnMalaiKaT~ said...

baek pg mid dari pnjat gunung..ehehhe

akUbUkAnMalaiKaT~ said...

23 mei?baek pg mid dari pnjat gunung!

SangKunang said...

gamba kita basuh stoking pun ada gak..
kak hani ni.....

hunny said...

imnotangel: ha, tgk tu.da jemput xmboh pegi pule.haha..sile2, tiade paksaan trhadap kamu :)

sangkunang: LOL.sje je memeriahkan page ini.hahahha ;p

SangKunang said...

hehe.. saje memeriahkan page??
hohoho, promot stoking tu. stoking pasa malam kerinchi. heh heh