Saturday, 2 May 2009

Romantic Island & ToGetHer


hhehe..thanks to Jarod for bringing d topic up. yes, i guess im too lazy to check d validy of d information before spreading it. Rarely done it tho.(ps/ x sempat nk cek coz wat bnda laen.hihi)

so, d coke thing just ignore it ya. hehe..

anyway, here i wanna share a movie which i quite like bcoz i think it's different from the typical korean movies. hehe..this movie has d elements of suspense like horror movies always have and it makes us to think and to reflect back on our virtues and beliefs in life..Also, it combine like 3 love stories in 1 story! it's more or less as similar as this malay movie entitled 'Cinta' kot tjuk die. hehe..

actually, i just love d setting of this movie- BEACH!!! :D
oh ye, tjuk movie ni 'Romantic Island' hehe..

Another drama yg besh is ToGetHer. hehe..its a story about a famous singer (he's very cute & cool ok!) who falls in love with a commoner (yg if u see her is like nerdy/unfashionable, but very honest n very kind n mnjadi rebutan 2 lelaki kacak ok). So it was like an opposite attract n try to guess yourself how's d storyline works! heehe...

n you can watch both movies at well, my sis elwana la nih influence i tgk cte2 korea nih. but its okay, rindu jgak nk tgk kan :)


akUbUkAnMalaiKaT~ said...

ini celita manyak jiwang oOOoo~

hunny said...

which one? pon genre comedy romantic, mesti la cenggitu ;) beshkan beshkan.hehe..