Friday, 7 November 2008

Guy Fawkes

oh. i've just watched James Bond -D Quantum of Solace last nite. hehe..best2, kete cun, lots of actions going on! :D and yes, i've also realize something whilst watching d movie. i've realized that im actually more scared to watch an action movie than a horror movie. me, it's TRUE. my best fren wani and I were fans of horror movies then and still are. We'll always go and watch every horror movie (with quality) releases in cinema. Usually horror movies would be our first option when deciding upon what to watch. xtakut ke? em, da biase ape.hihi..

But then last nite while watching James Bond, start2 movie je i da xleh nafas. coz d actions were soo awaesome! not forget to mention scary too (perhaps just for me? ;p) then byk kali jgak la i tpkse stop makan nachos n popcorn i sbb cuak n kagum dgn bond nye actions.hoho..then pas actions tu lpas i smbung balik ngap ngap.ngee~ :D

Afterwards we proceed to the Hoe to watch the Bonfire Nite and fireworks show. This is an annual activity in UK i think. I've wrote bout this last year so i dun think i wanna repeat myself again.but u can search for it in wikipedia if u wud like to know more bout it. well yeah, they just burnt this pile of a hell lot of logs to make a big bonfire during dat nite, d 5th november every year. This is followed by d fireworks show which lasted for about 30mins. best woo tgk fireworks..they are so beautiful that i wish i would have some during my wedding day. hehe :D

then we went to a Chinese Restaurant for a late dinner. Yes, since d chickens there is not halal, we can only opt for vege.. :( but best jgak, makan buffet. i ate corn soup, ice-cream, banana fritters, fried crab, sushi, egg rice, fried prawns, etc2. n pineapple juice yeah ,my fav. hehe..we're d only muslims in dat restaurant n d only customers yg asyik ulang alik g amek food. haha..d other locals seem don't eat dat much eh? ngee~ da baya, makan la! :D

i'll post d photos later.they're still with my fren.

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