Monday, 17 November 2008


The Last Person to Tag You Is?

Nur Faizatul Hamimi a.k.a. Emy

What Relationship of You with Him/Her?
She's my friend. Used to went to her room n talk with her for hours.haha..

Your 5 Impressions Towards Her.
1. She is her. you can't force her to be anyone else. this is one of d reason why i like her. she's not a pretender, not a copycat, simply her.
2. She likes futball n supernatural very2 much...crazy over dean..haha
3. she's nice, outgoing, happy go lucky, n brave.hehe..
4. wlpun nmpak ganas dr lua, tp kalo da knal die twu la die cmne..mnje kot ngn mak.hehe..kan emy? ;p
5. emy ade 1 anak patung yg namenye bedah ke ape ntah. die syg sgt ngn doll die tuh ;p

The Most Memorable Thing that He/She Had Done for You
Em, simply said, i slalu cr dia kalo i rasa nk berborak/ luahkan prasaan msa kt ipba dlu..coz i rsa selesa borak2 ngn die..sbb die best utk jd teman berborak..i trust her to keep all my secrets and, thanks emy sudi dgr ak membebel2 dlu..skng mesti ko da ade byk kwn len

If He/She Will Become Your Lover, You Will…

She must be a lesbo then.haha ;p

If She Becomes Your Enemy, You Will…
oh, sye xnak ade enemy...kalo boleh, sye nk die jd kawan sye buat selame2nye..but, if she chose to not being fren with me anymore, thats long as she's happy with her sorry then for not being able to be d kind of fren dat she likes to be with..but do let me know then if u dont like me...dont gve me false hope or pretend dat u like me or dont lie to me..i hate liars plak tbe2 ;p

If He/She Becomes Your Lover , He/She Has to Improve on.
tak boleh la.haram! ;p

If He/She Becomes Your Enemy , The Reason Is…
i xtau la..mebi sbb i x ckup perfect utk jd her fren..d kind of fren dat she likes..
or maybe sbb dgr gossip2 dr org len dari dgr dr mulut i sendri..haha..seryesly i hve no idea! ;p

How Do You Think The People Around You Will Feel About You?

Ape2 lah.xtau.tnaya mereka.

The Character For Yourself Is?

-kuat majok
-quiet but amiable? haha ;p
-caring vain!! ;p

The Most Ideal Person You Want To Be Is?

Saidatina Khadijah r.a.

For The Person Who Cares and Likes You, Say Something About Them.

let me know dat u love very forgetful. and hey, love u too :D

10 People to Tag

haha..i xnak tag sape2 lah kali ni.penat. time k~

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