Friday, 28 November 2008


heheh...this entry regarding 'telekung' :). ok girls, let me ask u somethin. When was d last time u wash ur telekung?? AHA! seee!! sure lots of ya just noticed how long u haven't washed ur telekung rite?? ehe..same here..just now when i was praying suddenly i felt like washing my telekung. I want my telekung to smell fresh n clean.hehe..(especially if u r using BOLD detergent! it's very wangi i tell u..ehe..) we can wash our clothes everyday, so why didn't we wash our telekung at least once a month rite? :) d attitude of some people who gave little attention to their telekung made me sad sometimes. Why did they leave their telekung until they r smelly before they wanna wash it? some didnt even care whether their telekung is smelly or dirty or not. they just..didn't sad..we pour down all our attention and efforts to groom ourselves, we stood in front of mirrors for hours to make ourselves beautiful, we ironed our clothes so that there will be no crease on the sleeves, we spend hundreds and hours at salons to do our hairs, so why can't we just spend 1 minute to wash our telekung? (im talking about washing machine here :) ), let's wash our telekung together!! so dat we'll be more motivated to pray n we'll smell nicer too don't u agree? =) talking about telekung reminds me of my childhood days..d days when i was first prayed..dat time if im not mistaken i was just 5/6 years old..d first time i had my own telekung after i've memorized all the doa's dat go in prayers..hehe..i was so excited, ecstatic i think. i still rmember dat i tried wearing d telekung to see whether it fits me or not and dat time was 10 o'clock in d morn. to tell u how excited i am, i didn't wanna took off my telekung n i waited on my prayer mat until Zohor! every 5 mins i would ask my mom "is time yet?" "is it time yet?" enthusiastic i was at dat time! ;p

Then when i was in upper primary n lower secondary,i began to pay little attention to my prayers... sometimes i lied to my parents dat i've already prayed when i naughty n lazy i was at dat time ;p i dunno wat happen during dat time..felt soo lazy to perform d prayers especially when all d good tv shows n cartoons were on-aired ;p not always, but sometimes i happened..luckily i realized early..i dunno when, something just ticked in my heart..yes i rmmber now,form 2 if im not mistaken..i was so sad at that probs..felt like everyone keep blaming on me for eveything..everything i did was wrong..dat i was d black sheep of d ones loves me..i was ignored..isolated..felt like i was in an estranged was deeply unhappy n sad during dat time..and then i think..keep thinking dat i last i've found d answer..even if i've nobody, i've still have God. Allah. so why didn't i turn up to Him and tell him all the things? He'll help me for sure. He's d almighty and capable of doing anything. So that was it..dat was d turning point in my life. i hopefully dat feeling will be with me, in my heart forever...i love d feeling~ :) pray for me okay?

so dat was d story when i was first prayed. when i was first wearing tdung? hehe..honestly, fully wearing it when i was in Form 4. dat was d time when i was accepted to the mrsm. if i didnt go there, me myself dunno when im gonna wear my tdung =) when reminiscing d past, sometimes i think its funny. guess wut, i came from a convent school, so didnt know dat we hve to wear tdung like ALL d time when we were at i only brought with me 1 black scarf.yep.just one.except my tdung skola la kan. haha..and then i learned how to wear socks..(all d time oso) n pinned down my first it felt..awkward..coz im not used to it i think..i felt like dat was not me..i was wearing a mask there..coz im not like dat..but then when being in a clan who did wear what u wear, it felt u will be d odd ones out if u didnt wear wat they it? from dat day i've learned how to wear mom n my grandma especially love the mom brought me to buy all kinds and all colours of tdungs available to motivate me to keep wearing those.hahha.(and u know me, when its time for shopping, nothing can stop me! hehe :D)

before dat, im wearing tdung on-off. u know wut i mean? like when i go to school, i'll wear it.then when i've co-curriculum in d evening, i'll took it off bcoz im not used of playing sports pkai tdung.nnti i was in girls' school, so i didnt think much bout it.

i remember one day when i was at d job interview (here in plymouth), there was this 1 lady who asked my why do i have to wear tdung? when did i start wear it and lots of other questions. some of her questions r quite funny like "so if u wear dat u can't wear mini skirts?" "do u wear bikini to beach?" and "but it's summer! d weather is very hot, n u can't wear sleeveless and miniskirts??" after explaining to the aunt, bla2 bla2 d end im not sure whether she understood or not, maybe she did understand half from wat i told her.haha..but she did praised dat my scarf is looks nice on me..(hehe..padahal i just wore d plain white ones with small flowers je time tuh ;p) haha..but somehow i felt proud la dpt cte kat dat aunty about my religion..n also, d incident pokes me to study more!!! about my religion.aish.cetek sungguh ilmu sye.kan da gagap2 ble org tnye itu ini.aish.. T_T
enough said.i wanna watch Twilight!! :) d vampire is so sweet okay! da~


Ummu Solehah Muhammad said...

hehee, nice cherita :) betul hani, org kalau nak kuar, xpecialy dating mesti wangi2 kan, chanteq2, tp kalau nak solat, telekung bkarat, uhh! sy pun suka kalau telekung wangi & fresh, besy! kat sini kan (indo) banyak jual telekung chateq2, so, sejak duk sini, sy banyak collect telekung, murah2 je. mau kah..? ;)

hunny said...

ehhe...wah wah..solehah nk kasi adiah ke? alhamdulillah..besa hati hani trime :D :D :D

roseycheeks said...

exactly! i always wonder why ppl don't bother washing their telekung. padahal masuk machine je kan?

hunny said...