Saturday, 14 February 2009

Is there a twinkle of hope?

Benarlah kata pepatah bahawa "Kita hanya akan tahu menghargai sesuatu itu apabila ia telah tiada'...haha..ayat cm karangan UPSR plak ;p

But hey, don't u agree with me? We always take things which we have around us for granted. We never realized their importance to us until they're gone..We simply forgot or didn't care about them because we think they are always there for us..until one day, we lost them..They're not by our side anymore..They stop communicating and interacting with us..They left without a word..without a warning or signal..until then, u'll realized how much they meant to you didn't you? You'll start to think how significant they are in your life and how much u need them..yes, not want, but need ..

But always, yes always, things are too late..too late before the facts come knocking in your head..too late to realize everything..too late for you to say sorry, too late to regret anything, too late for you to feel guilty, and too late before you know they're gone...But some of us are lucky as they have got their second chance to re-do their actions, to improve themselves, and to revise their thoughts...But happen to those who don't have that 2nd chance? They'll be left out with regrets and sorrow perhaps throughout their whole life..who knows right? That's why i believe everyone deserves a second the saying goes 'no one is perfect' but we can always try to b perfect although we knew that we can never be one..hey, there's no harm in trying right? At least u have a guts to do so =P

HAha..what la yg im babbling nieh..actually i wanted to write about IPGM KBA more spesifically my hostel yg slaluuuu tadak air! Yg bertambah pelik tu, umah atas ade air, umah bawah ade, umah depan pon ade. Tapi apsal umah kami je yg xde air ha?ha? ha? Nak ckp ktorg gune byk air, xde la sgt. semua org pon mandi dengan kadar air dan mase yg dapat diterima akal fikiran sama seperti mereka2 di rumah kenapa? wai? wai? wai?? duh...sekejap xpe, boleh sabar lagi tp kalo lama? kalo kerap? isk..we paid for d bills we expect at least our basic needs r being catered to..oh.. T_T Please ada air...soon...aminn..

oh.i miss watching gossip girls.



ah^kam_koko' said...

Welcome back to IPBA or shall I say IPGM KBA?
I hope they care about your welfare this time...
They surely didn't for us.

hunny said...

hehe..yeah. i think this year they're quite effective. We've got new doors for our apartment and the plumbers and electricians r doing their jobs quite quick! heeh :)

SoFie NuR said... one is perfect...but some people don't try to understand it...*sigh*