Sunday, 8 February 2009


gifts for my mom ;p last boxes have arrived.n my mom was so happy coz she finally got her royal albert tableware which she loves so much.haha..xpe, s long s she's happy im happy too :) td mse tgk pic intan's wedding she commented on my sarong.ckp it looks too big.supposedly die kecik kt bhgian kaki i told her dat mebi d style is like that coz it's from indonesia..then she looked at the photos again n seemed determined to alter my sarong.haha..i was like, x payahla,susah nk jalan nnti. then my mom nk jgak ckp x lawa la kembang smacam la i was like..okeeyy...haha..(yg sbenanye i malas nk g umah nyonya tu lg nk kene ukur2 sume.aish.. ;p)

rose chintz

and this one is my set of tableware.i nk jgak la kan.da alang2 order tu.haha..but so sad.d piring2 pecah T_T ...xpela, nk wat


awatif 'adilah atan said...

kak hani, pecah ke? wah. best2 ade royal albert idaman.

hunny said...

yes, only d piring breaks T_T wuu..hehe..miss u too tiku!