Sunday, 8 February 2009

Pasar Malam Outing Mom Vs. Dad

with Dad-You'll probably get almost everything that u wish for without any question.
with Mom- You'll b interviewed with at least 5 questions before u get the things that u want. But though so, there's no confirmation that after u undergo the interview, u'll get that thing.

with Dad -You will only go and buy the things that you want to buy and then went straight away home.
with mom You'll probably has a chance to walk 10 steps, then waiting for the next 10 mins for mom to choose n bargain things, and then end up with none of us buying nothing.haha..

with dad- You can feel so pampered as dad will always ask u if u would like anything else and if he bought that something, he'll buy more than u need ;)
with mom- Mom will always weighing how much u really need that something and if it less important, don't dream u'll get it. She will say that don't spend money on things that u don't need.

with dadmost of the time u'll accompany him buying foods n fruits
with mom-most of d time u'll be accompanying her surveying things n buying vegetables.

with dad- u maybe will have a chance to actually round satu night market tu.
with mom-the chance will probably never occur. maybe yes if u're lucky. ;p

with dad-most of the time i'll b smiling coz i get what i want. but kene speed up my pace a bit la..kalo x i kene tnggal kt blaknag.haha
with mom-muncung sokmo coz slalu x dpt what i want n usually i have to slow down a bit or else my mom will be left alone at d back ;p

haha..anyway, a memorable experience with both. just prepare urself mentally n physically if u involved with either ;)