Saturday, 27 June 2009

An empty heart.

I'm not happy,
Bcoz im feeling so down,
I feel so lonely,
Even within a crowd..

Everything else is so important,
Everything else are more engaging,
Day by day,
You've push me away..

I felt distant,
Who's my bestfrens,
How do i feel,
Sometimes i wonder whether you know,
What the answers are..

Nobody cares,
Nobody knows,
What lies within,
An empty heart..

Bombarded with questions,
Which i have no answer,
What shall i do?
To run or to hide?

A number doesn't mean anything,
Without memories that filled in,
As words do not mean anything,
Without actions accompanying..

If you like,
Show it..
If you love,
Prove it..


SangKunang said...

cam sedih je hani

SeLipArjEpUnpUtiH said...

cam sedih je KAK hani..:)

botolbiru said...

dear jgn la mcm tuh
i always there for u
i'm just a call away from u

dah dah
jgn sedoh lagi

hunny said...

selipar jepun: hihi..pert sme age as me la fazley :) no worries~

pert & hazie: urm..yeah..sometimes down sket kan.hoho..tq for being there n concern bout me ;>