Sunday, 7 June 2009

Gapaian Kinabalu

30 May 2009- bertolak pergi

28 of us including Encik Arus, encik Thahir, and ustaz Zairadi boarded to Kota Kinabalu Sabah. We left IPGM KBA with big dreams and happiness in our hearts. Most of us can't wait to reach Sabah for our Citra Guru programme in Kundasang and gapaian Kinabalu. We were divided into three groups and Salma, Zati, Puteri, Affan, Pali, and Faralee were in my group. Affan is Encik Arus' son n we just get to know him at the airport.hoho. Everything went well during our journey except dat i fell asleep not long after our flight glided through the ever peaceful blue sky. Pali, acting as a cameraman managed to take a snap of my photo when i was sleeping (cess..) which i WILL get it from him later!

We spent the night at IP Gaya in Kota Kinabalu. It was a beautiful and well equipped teaching college. What surprised most of us is that they have 10 securities t guard the college compound at night and 7 in the morning! Can u imagine that?? 10 securities! Even at our college pon plg byk 4 org je kot.ngee~ And at the Aspuri's hostel there was 1 security lady who will be guarding us all night! So ape lagi, i felt so safe n slept like a baby that night :)

the hostel that we slept in

IP Gaya

31st May 2009- Pesta Kaamatan

Again, im lucky to have been in Sabah while they were celebrating one of their biggest event of the year, PEsta Kaamatan or famously known as Unduk Ngadau. This event is celebrated annually to select the next beauty pageant of the year. After walking around and reading some info, i've discovered the origin of this ritual. Actually, Unduk Ngadau is celebrated to show gratitude or as a remembrance to an incident of Kadazandusun legend where once upon a time, Kinoroingan had to sacrifice his only beautiful daughter named Huminodun to save people which were suffering from hunger and nothing to plant for their food.Part of the Huminodun body had transformed to various kinds of edible plants and seeds, which human being used them as foods and daily need until now.Huhu..touching yet scary kan? xp

Pesta Kaamatan

Unduk Ngadau legend

Anyway,we had fun here as well, taking lots of pictures and it was my first time experience of watching 'Pertandingan Badan Tercantik'! haha..i thought it was for girls as well but guess what, you and me, are WRONG! was for guys!! yeah..with a body like Malik Noor tuh! and they were wearing that skimpy outfit (if u kno wut i mean ;p) hahaha! body ketul2 seyh! but i didn't stay long to watch them. geli seyh. xp gmba i x amek coz i was far at d back.there were so many people n it was very crowded! but yeah, my 1st time experience.haha

the next beauty pageant =p

1st June 2009- Citra Guru at SK Kundasang

O yeah. we spent last nite at Sinisian Homestay at Kundasang. Kundasang is a highland just like Cameron Highland. And i love the place. It was very scenic, peaceful,calming, soothing, and relaxing. From there, we can see mount Kinabalu standing and smiling proud at in front of us :). Yes, Citra Guru. Half of us taught the students Malay language in the morn, and half of us taught them English language in the afternoon. We expected 100 students to come but there were only 22 of them. Pesta Kaamatan kan, rmai la bdak2 x dtg. xpe,we had fun.

Fazrul, the student leader is really2 amazing! He manages to impress all of us! He's vey talented,expressive, and funny! Just imagine that we asked him to just sing this song that we taught him with a rap tone and what he did was rapping the song altogether with style and ape tuh pggil yg bunyi cm disc rosak tuh? haha! imagine that! And 1 more thing i can't forget is that when it came to faci introduction, the students asked me "Cikgu, Cikgu bangsa apa cikgu?" I was like "what??" and burst into laughter.hahahaha! then cikgu ckp cikgu bangsa hindustan.hahaha..xdekla, bangsa Melayu la adik2 oyh.. ;p i wonder why.maybe because the way i wear my scarf that day kot xp

Mama at my homestay is very beautiful and nice.chinese look,6 children, but still looking young! We learnt Sumazau dance that night and dance the whole night like we owned the night to ourself :) yes, malu2 sye pon when it comes to dancing whats more beramai2 i dun care.i love dancing so there we go! haha! i'll post the video later insyallah :)~ and mama is a great dancer! hihi..encik arus pon nari okey! :)

anip tgh bg ceramah motivasi.heehe

bdak2 SK Kundasang yg semangat menyanyikan lagu "Tinggi2" yg bkaitan dgn gng kinabalu

2nd June 2009- Pendakian Gunung Kinabalu bermula
All of us drank this traditional akar kayu drink named 'Pukudita' before we started our hiking. According to the wise, it can keep us warm and give us extra strength while climbing. haha.banyak khasiat la maksudnye..the taste...well, 'Pukudita' has got a lovely smell like pandan leaves, but once u swallow it..kelat.yep kelat.I had trouble trying to swallow it at first, but knowing me, i survived :)

We start climbing from Timpohon gate at 8.30am.Yep, there were 2 gates which u can start your journey from and another one is Mesilau gate, a more challenging route and is not recommended if you are not a Commander, a Ranger, or whosoever in that field.The lecturer who accompanied us were Ustaz Hishamuddin and Encik Arus. But i dun know why, Encik Arus only managed to climb 500m and then he discontinued his climbing. xlarat kot :)

at Timpohon gate

We were so excited at first, taking pictures here and there until our 2nd kilometers. We started to feel tired and counting the kilometers left to reach Laban Rata (our campsite). During the climbing, there were times where i was left alone because i was too quick or too slow, neither way. There were track prepared for the climbers so i didn't get lost. If u asked me, i would say the this track is not as challenging as other mountains as the track has already been prepared for you alongside with the steps from tanah merah. But it was not that easy la...jenuh jugak memanjatnye ;p

1 of our guides was giving some briefing about our journey

en route

mula mendaki 8.30am :)

The higher we climb, the more beautiful the scenery is. seriously, the most beautiful thing ever. We can see different plants at different heights, breathing fresher air as we climb higher, and the scenery...indescribable.magnificent.with the mists covering the tops of the trees..the small town we can see from above..the sounds of the faunas...the nearer the summit of Mount Kinabalu that we can see.. it it worth our time and efforts :)

We stayed at Laban Rata that night. It was our campsite but more like a hostel. with the well-equipped bathroom and bedrooms with heater..hehe...yeah, there were double-decker bed complete with blankets lagi tau :) (ceh penat je i bawak sleeping bag xp).However, most of us couldnt sleep that night due to the growing anticipation and excitement of climbing up the peak the next day.

3rd June 2009- Reaching the summit
We woke up at 1.30am in the morn, get some supper which was fried rice and started climbing at 3am. Before that, we went and meet the rest of the guys at Gunting Lagadan (the next campsite). the trip to Gunting Lagadan required us to climb few meters more and yes, penat! With the darkness and chilling air surrounding us, we were only depending on our torch lights to guide us through.

The journey to the summit is the most challenging one. At first, we were served with lots of small steps....(i think if we count them leh lawan ngn batu caves nye steps lah ;p) and those steps are not proper steps..some don't have handle to hold, some just a piece of wood, sometimes we had to climb on the rocks while minding not to slip off while the water flows through the rocks. And then, the rocky path. From the steps, our road was narrowed into 1 person per time, rocky rocks and a rope. Yep, a rope for us to hold on while climbing up.

Everything around us suddenly turns into rocks..the air is getting chilly and more windy..the rope was wet (because it rained yesterday). As i only wore my wool glove, hence, my glove was getting wet as well. Luckily it was dark, yes because there were these ravine that we had to go through. We climbed our way up basing on the only rope on the slippery rocks.How did i know? because i accidentally flashed my torch light kt tepi n when i knew what it was and where i was at the moment, i was shocked. I cursed in my heart asking myself what the hell am i doing risking my life and kat-tepi-ini-gaung-kalo-jatuh-xde-orang-dapat-selamatkan-kamu.OMG. I prayed in my heart that God will give me a chance to live and go through that. alhamdullillah, i managed to lepas dat ravine and more to go. Climbing up >45 degrees darjah kesengetan gunung, we definitely need a rope to get us standing straight. terkedek2 la naek gunung tuh dgn angin howling like in the Narnia and Harry Potter movies, i felt like as if we were casting a Lord of the Ring movie up there.seriously. And when we rest, we can't stay longer than 2 mins or else we'll freeze.I don't lie. I've been to cooler places before but this time it was different. Sejuk atas gunung x sama dgn sejuk d bawah gunung yg bersalji ok..

As we were getting higher, the steeper the route is and the thinner our ketahanan mental gets. IF u can't stand it, u'll easily give it up..Whats more that morning was cloudy, misty, and it definitely is going to rain. You can't even see more than 2 meters in front of you. Actually, nobody was allowed to climb the mountain that day because of the bad weather, but bcoz the RMC students have already climbing as early as 2am in the morn, they can not to not allow us climb.So thats why.

alhamdulillah, i reached the summit at 5.30am in the morn and among the first girl's group to reach the peak :D yey!! Smapai2 atas i don't care tros jerit2 hepi bia la sume pandang my heart bersyukur sgt2 Allah bagi kesempatan n kudrat untuk smapi puncak. Not all of us can reach the peak.Some go back to Laban Rata because they could not stand the route. On the top, we only stayed for about 5 mins due to the extremely cold weather that i screamed i wanted to get down as quickly as i can to my friends. Luck was not on our side..we can't see the sunrise because it was gloomy and still early in the morn :( and on our way down, the rain was pouring and within 5 mins, the water rush down the rocks like waterfall...

As i was climbing down as quickly as i can, i didnt realize that my friends were left behind..suddenly i was alone..i just follow the rope and try to shut my mind on all the bad possibilitiies that could happen at that moment..Luckily not a while after that while resting, i met Mimi and this kind-hearted ranger..he led me n mimi down the mountain..a few times i've got tripped bcoz it was too back hurts :( and on our way down, the sun started to rise and of course we can see the ravine that we couldn't see earlier......

Going down is much more harder when u can see what's below there right? that's what i feel..lemah lutut2 ni nk pegang tali jalan tepi gaung di atas batu licin 45 darjah kesengetan :( naseb baek ade Ranger n mimi, kalo x i da nanges sorang2 k ctu x tau nk trun cmne :( And according to that Ranger, it was a place where most people get tripped into..some broke their arms, some legs, some ribs, and some can't be saved.. innalillah.. T_T

Alhamdulillah i managed to reach Laban Rata at n mimi were the first girls to arrive at Laban Rata..the guys who have reached there was Affan, Amali, Hanif..n spe lg eh? ho..cian affan da la pkai t-shirt n sweater skeping je, tketaq2 dia kt atas n time trun tuh.Seb bek la pkai glove ayah dia pesan kalo x pe, sjuk2 pon org 1st smpai puncak n trun gnung okey! huh, tahniah!

So dat was it.10.45am kami start trun gunung..the first 3km was okay...but the last 3km was hell...i couldn't stand it legs were throbbing, my back was aching, n im hungry n tired T_T there were times where i walked alone again and i cried...i couldn't stand it anymore...letih sgt2 rasa..kaki da x larat..perut lapa pulak..jalan sorang2..down gila kuatkan jgak smnagat ckp nk cpt smpai nk rest. alhamdulillah smapai2 je Timpohon gate tros i tduduk kt ctu x nanges da la..i mane nanges dpan orang kan.hehe xp

4th June 2009-shopping and going home

All of us are like Warga emas berjalan.suma sakit2 kaki n naik turun tangga is like a big no-no for us.However masa shopping at Kota Kinabalu x rasa plak sakit kaki.hehe xp But msa naik n trun tangga flight..omg..sian org2 kt blakang ktorg tpaksa tggu ktorg trun tngga tuh.saket~~ even when im typing this entry pon skt blom hilang ok.

But yeah.the trip was one of a lifetime invaluable ones. unforgettable. our bonds and friendship become stronger through the journey. We went through hardships, happiness, and sad moments together. I definitely won't forget this moment easily. I love the experience.

muka keletihan pas trun gunung 3pm

cantik x? ni kat kota kinabalu.tepi laut yey!

Now, i feel like i wanted to go scuba diving. I wanted to see and feel the different world down there. Anytime during school holidays. Anyone wanna join me? :)


botolbiru said...

i xprnh ajak u gi scuba diving ker?
aaa kalu u gi
u u MUST ajak i taw
i've been waiting for people to get interested with that.

dah lame nih cari partner.

hunny said...

botolbiru: hehe..pernah~ sje je tuh..ble nk g swimming nih cik hazie? penat i tnggu.ho

Ameirul Azraie Bin Mustadza said...

Bestnya pergi Kinabalu.

Nak ikut pergi bercuti jugalah, boleh tak? :)

hunny said...

ok.boleh.juga.jum =}

geo_life said...

wow..very intresting..hope to be there someday..anyway,nice blog sis

Najia said...

hani! omg i went thru exactly the same thing jgak masa i daki 2 yrs ago. bila otw to the summit, i almost quit. i rasa i cldnt go on anymore tp my dad push jgak i kata its mind over matter! smpai jgak the summit hehe tp i mmg slow gle! took my own sweet time! bhy la hujan lebat masa korg otw down. for me going down is lg painful. tak bwk a stick so mmg impact on the knees. and yes, nak naik turun tangga after that tak larat!