Tuesday, 16 June 2009

my favourite :)

hehe..Kamal Adli is one of my favourite actors! Although i've just seen him starring in 'Bio-Nik' (yes, i do watch d drama and it is not bad) and 'Zati & Si Mawas' i think i just fell in love wif this actor! haha..ganteng banget. da la acting pon cool je.best gla.1 of the scene in 'Bio-Nik' dat makes me like him more is when he carried this guy who's body is jst d same size as him like he carries cotton! hihi..hebat seyh gagah perkasa.haha ;p

ni plak Winky Wiryawan yg blakon as Pasha dlm cte Aqso Dan Madina. I just love him in dat sinetron. kacak!! hu..caer seyh tgk dia~ hihi...

ni plak Dude Herlino whos acting as Aqso dlm cte Aqso dan Madina. He's ok, cute, baby face.But he got a very strong personality dlm dat story.Hatinya sgt mulia dan sgt baek hati :)

Marshandayg sgt cun & comel! i loike her! dia manis bertudung kan? :)

introducing the most gorgeous lady i've ever seen, Carissa Puteri. Apart from Aqso &Madina sinetron, she's also starring in Ayat2 Cinta movia. She's just so beyond beautiful~ hu

Hihi...yep2..mostly my favourite actors and actresses mmg ganteng2 n cun2 banget kan? not only dat, i think they're excellent in their field as well! They're so into their characters when they act they seem like real!! That's why i love them! hu..ni x tmasuk prangai dorang kt lua cmne la kan coz i barely know their true colours. sye just mngagumi bakat lakonan n appearance mereka! :)


cikin said...

tak suke kamal.
tapi cikin suke fizow.

hunny said...

hihi...fizow ok kacak.tp cm hunky sket x ske.hihi