Saturday, 17 January 2009

2 week

hi guys! hehe..sorry i x amek gmba ipba lagi coz x bawak camera ;p anyway ipba da ade gate automatik yg cantik! ;) we've got the new KJ HEP which is very2 strict and loads of new lecturers.hhohoho... to my seniors who have been posted to SAbah and other interior parts of Malaysia n Semenanjung, smoge anda semua tabah menghadapinya..i heard k.atiqah's school which is SK Bawang in Sabah (seryesly ade skola name bawang?? hihi ;p) has d attendance 1/400 students..due to flash flood...air naek smpai there's no electricity & clean bahan makanan all they can eat are canned sardines and maggi sad kan T_T...oh yes, sorang yg dtg skola tu pon anak guru besa sbb ikot ayah die g skola ;p x nak kene posting pedalaman.. ;( i mean i don't mind going to Sabah or Sarawak indeed i wanted to.but please not as challenging as this one..i need at least electricity & clean water.. these r vital u now..oh,raised up as a city girl, i dunno how im going to survive kalo i jd k.tiqah :( please no... ;( kalo kena pon harap2 i dpt tmpt ngn org yg kuat yg boleh motivate i n help me there n baek hati n kacak..hehehe..;p
oh yes, utk bce selanjutnye tentang my seniors condition plis click here.min if u dun mind, im linking this to ur page ;p just tot of sharing.hehe.. thanks! ;)

nyway, my beloved roommate, yuyun has bought maxis broadband which then it means we can share it together!!! yey!! by this monday insyallah we can start to use it ;) d new subjects in ipba are very academic i.e Curriculum Studies, Assessment in Schools, Complementary Literature, and Linking Theory to PRactice.hoho..again, i dunno how to survive all these subjects T_T the only thing i like is lesson plans n kids.oh god, please help me n guys, please pray for hope my shipping boxes will arrive soon as i really need my heels n sports shoes!! i can't do sports if i don't have d shoes!! (like i really do exercise everyday lah kan ;p ) hehe..heels.yes, i need them to go to class.i dun have any coat shoes currently.NONe.yes.n i dun wanna buy more coz i really already have loads of them which are still havent arrived yet! now, i think i can just disguise my lubang2 pump as a coat shoes! by wearing socks! ;p hopefully i will not b caught by d hep.aminn... ;D

ok for now, i wanna do some blog reading now.hehe ;p

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minimainimira said...

yeah i heard abt our seniors being posted to Sabah T_T.
maybe sebab one of our subjects kat marjon ni jugak kan?
anyway,mak jah ada lagi ke?