Saturday, 3 January 2009


Hoho...entry kali ni kene rewind skit coz i've just had time to connect to internet via my lappy =) this time punye entry i'll write about my farewell party with my UK's frens. hihi..actually they are my colleagues when i was working at the Derriford Hospital. the pictures above is me n Manuella, my Portuguese 'mama' (she always called me as her daughter u know.hehe) taken by erk..i lupe nme..this malaysian guy br smpai plymouth..die ske photography..hehe..tenkiu eh! =D these picture were taken on Thursday, 2 days before i come back to Malaysia if im not mistaken at Nawroz. hehe..

i went to visit her in her new house near the city centre sharing our last moment together, exchanging addresses and phone numbers...and guess what, finally i've got a ring!! yes!! From manuella!! last one of my birthday wishes cme true! =D *hepi*hepi* hehe...tau2 je manuella nih i nk ring wlpun i x penah bgtau ape i bg die in exchange? honestly, i x sempat nk beli ape2 utnk kasi sad la yg ni... =,( but then i did gave her a christmas card and my photos..lots of them with little notes behind the photos.hope she'll love it. She said she'll come to Malaysia one day to visit me and when i asked her when would that be? she said "When u're getting married my dear, i'll come.i promise u this". ngee~ :D

atas ni plak pictures time i went to Lek's house for farewell party..they are all Nepalian..and if u did wonder where Nepal is, it is in India..near to India i mean..hhoho..but they did look like Chinese kan? :) well, this guy's name is Ramesh..(see name pun similar to indian bcoz they're hindus =) ) the girl's name is Sashi..Ramesh tu tgh wat degree lg kt University of Plymouth and he is 26yrs old..actually he already has a degree from his country but the degree is unacceptable in UK..dat's why he has to study in UK again to get the degree in Engineering..Sashi was a nurse in her country..same case apply and she has to study from bottom again if she wish to be a nurse in UK..she said she might pursue her studies this year in London..all the best to both of u guys! =) U know, although it has been a short time since i knew them, but i can feel a bonding with them. They're so sincere at heart and in relationship. And they are very2 friendly and they respect others too. They know about Islam and Muslims too (well after i told them some) they didn't look down upon our religion like others might. i mean me and Sashi always sat together after work and talk for hours and we sometimes hang out in city centre together holding hands and teasing each other. it's like there's no differences between us and i love that. for me, we can be friends with whoever we like and races, religion, or skin colour doesn't matter as long as we respect and understand each other. well, at least that's what i believe in =)

These plak are photos kami beramai2..supposedly intan n fuzzy should join us in this gathering but they were in London and i don't want to upset these guys by not attending to the party that they organized. for us plak tuh! here i cme..haha..seb bek ade sashi or else i'll be d only girl there ;p hehe..they asked me to cook a special Malaysian dish that night for them so i was planning to cook 'ayam masak lemak cili padi'.the thing is they don't have the coconut milk. so me, ramesh and sashi pegila our nightwalk ke co-op utk cari santan...jalan la malam2 ditemani cahaya lampu dan bulan serta bintang2 bekerlipan di langit..tmbah pulak rumah die dkat dgn laut..wahh..bukan men suke la i! wlpun sjuk time winter kan..(gle x jalan kaki mlam2 time winter smate2 nk cari santan?) haha..x kesahla asal i suke.haha..ramesh lg la pkai slipar ja.bila tanye x sjuk ke? die ckp xpe, sbb die laki so die kuat.haha..sabo je la ;p nk buat cerita, smpai2 co-op tu tutup plak..tutup awal kot hr tu.x abes2 ramesh tu mntak maap kt i sbb die x tau co-op tutup..haha..gentleman lah die nih.spe nk cr husband cr cm die eh.tau respect pompuan, pastu ske wat keje rumah.hehe..xtipu ni btul ;p so, nk tau last2 i masak ape? i msk ns goreng tlur n ayam goreng je utk dorng..hehe..hve to use whatever is there in d house la kan ;p and in turn they cook for me nepalian curry n acar..sdap woo acar tu.sashi masak.hehe..dpan mate i die buat.hehe..nntila kalo ade mse n igt i nk try buat gk ;p

Then pas makan we just sat down n hang put together..these guys sume sang some songs for me..terharu wooo T_T sume pndai men guitar n nyanyi.impressed la jgak kan.hoho..videonye ade i upload kt facebook.tgk sne la eh. hihi..k la, pnat la i type entry nih.lg banyak i membebel kang. haha..ape2 pon mereka2 ini mmg cool n best! harap2 sye dpt jumpe mereka lagi!! =D

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