Tuesday, 6 January 2009

get together wif my bestfriends :)

oh.reuion wif my besties.feels great.what good is they haven't change!! hihi!! yes, all hve grown up & bcome more beautiful!! wah wah..semua..hehe..but d photos r not complete kan? there're few people missing ;( it's okay, we'll catch up some other time (although fanna said we might not see her until june) haha...we will :)
love u all =)


en_me said...

ammvoiii jeliterr jeliterr sungguh.. salammmz

SoFie NuR said...

wah...reunion...best2..i can see the happy faces of you guys...

botolbiru said...

heheh apsal gmbr nisa+intan+kamu ade dua kali..saye tahu kamu suke gmbr itu..tgk la sape yg tgkp..hahha..

btw, i had fun that night.
the challenging driving to KLCC
the meet up
the laughters.
man, those moments mcm kat mrsm dulu kan.
yurp smua pon dh matured and grown up.waaa but i still chomel..heheheh saje je..

luv u sayang.

hunny said...

hazie: yes, actually i x psan da post dat pix n then ble tgk blk ade 2 plak.then i mlas nk delete so i bia je.hehehe;p
i had fun too! i can drive to klcc but i dun wanna pay for d parking!! dem expensive!! x suke! hu..

luv u too ;)

hunny said...

sofie: hehe..tu la, kamu xblk mesia if not leh join! hehe ;p

hunny said...

en_me: salam.err..sapekah? terime kasih ye.ho