Friday, 9 January 2009

back to IPBA

What is IPBA? It stands for Institut Perguruan Bahasa2 Antarabangsa ;) What language do we have?we have English, French, German, Arabic, JApanese, Mandarin im not so sure.hehe..of course we do have malay as well as other students in other courses still need to learn Malay language =) Just had our orientation week. Orientation again? You are in YEar 4! hahaah! i know i know, but yes, we did had our orientation week for the last 3 days. basically the lecturers wanna welcome us back n give 'some' lectures and reminders regarding IPBA's rules n etc2.OMG, i hate long-winded lectures/briefings. They're just killing me! killing my mood to concentrate! and killing my respect when they exceeded beyond the stated time! aih.just be punctual can't they? i believe it is not is just their do or not to it's just for 3 days.fuhh =)

and in IPBA susah nk dpt internet connection la my dear frens..wanna use broadband..its too expensive considering im not using internet dat much. so maybe i'll just update when i got back home usually once a week or once every 2 weeks.hehe..i dunno..we'll see ;)


SoFie NuR said...

gud luckkkkk..!!

hunny said...

hehe..tq sofie! ;)

The End said...

Cute blog. I love it. How do I translate? And whats life like at ucp marjon?