Saturday, 3 January 2009

Syafwah's & Abul's wedding :D

heh, inilah yg terjadi ble sye dpt intenet yg still at home u know but this time i can access it from my more privacy from peeping eyes ;p today we went to our friend's (syfwah's) wedding in sungai Buloh. Congratulations for Syafwah & Abul, pray that both of you will live together forever with all d love, laughter, sunshine and happiness in this world ;)

we depart from ipba 1pm+ and then headed to Sungai Buloh..we didnt actually know where is d house so a lot of phone calls and smsing were going on while we were in d car otw there.haha..lost..a bit last we did found d house at 3pm..all of us are starving cut it short, we arrived, we say hi to d newly wed, we ate, we talk n share stories a bit, then we took photos, then we headed home. n guess what, our journer home took us only 30minutes compared to 1 hour n 30 minutes mse dtg! hu..n umah pngntin tu actually straighttt je from our house kalo ikut MRR2. haha..funny seyh.xpe, penagalaman..kan dear? hihi ;p

driverku yg malu2 kuceng.haha ;p

nedd n k.yuni at d back.sorry guys lmbt smpai hr tu.ade hal yg x dpt dielakkan.hehe

antara yg datang..x smpat amek gmba ngn afiq, aimi, lisa,k.sham, faiz n warid.. ;(

wif my baby! haha..susah tul nk suh die nih amek gmbo ;p

inilah syafwah, my dearest fren yg suke baking.hehe.tahniah ye syafwah ;)


hihi..k.nini, k.wa, adik akak sorg ni da berangan da nie.hikhik ;p

err..hihi.. ;p


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minimainimira said...

thanks kak hani for the update!!
k.syafwah sgt cantik:D