Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Am i that hateful?

Why do people seek for us only when they need us?

Why do people keep talking about u when u have done nothing wrong to them?

Why do people love to talk behind your back u when u have done something wrong?

Why can't people be more honest?

Why can't they be more sensitive?

Why can't they be more sincere?

Why can't they think that they're not living alone on this planet?

Why o why?

The question which have no answers...


kadclow said...

asal nih?

ah^kam_koko' said...

People are severely flawed...
And the worst part is we all have severely different flaws.

There will be some that we cannot get along with & others with whom we click instantly.

Stick to those who make you happy but dont forget that you need those that aggravate because they remind you of what you should never be!

Anonymous said...

setan je semua tu, tak yah layan.