Wednesday, 1 April 2009

exchange forgiveness for happiness

Sometimes, undergoing the ups and downs in life makes us frustrated. Of course we're happy when we're on top, being the gems of the day..but when it's a bad day for us,we can't resist the feeling of giving up, frustrated, and become down or moody.

SOmetimes, when the day is already tough for us, there would be something or someone that would make our day become even worse..well, a lot of us might be questioning Why me? Why always me? Why not him? Why not her? a lot of questions would be playing in out minds and we'll tend to blame others for our current state of emotions. I know, coz i've undergo all these too ;)

and when we have these problems, we would like to find someone who we can speak to. Share our problems with.A faithful listener, a caring mom or dad.a trusted bestfriend. someone who we trusted with all our heart. Or some prefer to talk about their problems to strangers as they feel it's d best way to solve d problem (seeing things from other's point of view).

when sharing our problems, we will be empowered by all sorts of emotions, especially hatred towards our subject(s). Everything that is coming out from our mouth will be mostly about bad things, bad words, and other bad category. All of these bad-bad (word ini x wujud in english ok ;p) things eventually will influence our mood of the day and change our perceptions towards our subject. It will make us see all the (-ve) things about everything.yep, everything. We'll start to become pessimistic and judgemental, and complaints a lot.

And it bothers me..yep, bcoz i hate dat feeling. hating others and think about (-ve) things all d's so daunting you know. I would like to escape from that feeling, but i dunno how. yep, d only one dat is always for me is Allah d almighty. i know if speak to others about my subject of dislikes, he or she might not able to help us as they're only human who have feelings too. But if i speak to my God, i will have this different's like everything will go away eventually..u'll be more peaceful inside..but it is with a condition. U must learn how to forgive others.

Forgiveness is the best medicine of hatred. I've learned this through experiences as well. I found that as long as i can't forgive that subject, i will be forever living hating dat subject. sometimes without a clear reason why. So at the end, i choose to forgive d subject. by telling myself dat he or she might not purposely doing so..dat he or she is just cracking some jokes..furthermore, what can i get if i forever hating dat subject kan? hu..

so at the end, hm, yep, happier now! :D so conclusionnye, belajarlah memaafkan kesalahan org laen jika kamu hendak gembira dan bahagia :) tdo pon mesti nyenyak nnti :D


SoFie NuR said...

i'm still learning how to forgive people's mistakes...

ah^kam_koko' said...

You're right.
People do not realise that hatred & grudges only burden them because the other person might not even be aware of your grudge!
In the end, it only hurts us & the ones we love.

hunny said...

sofie: uh hu..i know to forgive someone is not as easy as said..but yeah, we can try :) gudluck!

ah kam koko: yep. i like ur last statement. so true~ :)