Thursday, 23 April 2009

When fingers are dancing and mind is singing, a piece of story is born..

When mind starts to process,
When eyes start to open,
When mouth starts to speak,
Everything will change..

When one starts to see,
When one starts to hear,
When one starts to analyze,
When one starts to criticize,
One will change his life forever..

For the better or for the worse,
It's in the hands of the decider to decide,
But more choose the latter,
For they think they are far away better than the others..

One will start to look down,
One will start to feel dissatisfied,
One will start complaining,
One will start to feel proud,
One will start forgetting of how he used to be..

Human are weak,
Human are tough,
But human have brains,
Which others don't have,
Human should think,
And be decision-wise,
Not finding ways,
Of how to cheat and escape,
But be brave and face the challenge boldly..

1 comment:

ah^kam_koko' said...

Is there someone who thinks that he is better than everyone else but is hopelessly pessimistic?

I have met someone like that... and it was a she who sapped all of your energy just by being near her!