Sunday, 5 April 2009

another day~

Today, woke up at 10am sharp time muna blk training.

Then 11+ am went out to Pelita with beloved housemates to eat roti canai for brunch. But it turns out that roti canai da abes (yela, it's almost 12 in d noon whut? haha xp. We ate roti nan with tandoori chicken tho. Sdap gle okay!! But sadly to say, d tandoori is a bit expensive la..rm6.50 for peha n skit lg bhagian

went home n pray..then i opened some books for revision..i didn't realize when i fell asleep..haha.. xp

woke up at 4.32pm, tros smbung bace buku td yg tbukak je beside me when i was sleeping..then do some editing to my assignment...

straight away took a bath and perform d prayers...

then went out again with faralee, n gg n d gang to eat Portugese Grill Fish (my fav!) ad mid...

and for d first time i bought 'Mukmin's toothpaste' in my life..sje nk try after faralee suggest..hehe

Then survey some compact powder n bought famous-amous cookies (can't resist d smell & taste! ;p)

Next, iron my clothes for tmorrow's class..i choose to wear my green kebaya which is now super fit (oh oh..hopefully i still can fit in it tmorrow or else i may hve to change for another attire! ;p )

And now im wasting my time typing this entry in front of my lappy. haha.buat keje hani!
o, yes, im falling in love with this song currently. enjoy~


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