Thursday, 23 April 2009



I've finished my LAST assignment!!!

Muahahahha!! eh, alhamdulillah... :)~

Praise to Allah d almighty for giving me the chance to finish this task before time, praise to him for giving me the ideas for my write-up, and thanks to Him for giving me the air i breathe and for that im still living to finish up this assignment..Thank you Allah! :D

Im soo happy!! Feel like one big lump has been removed from my shoulders. So afterwards i want to enjoyyy~~~ haha macam tadak exam jek pasnih ;p

Takpe2, relax2 dlu kasi fresh air masuk dlm brain utk synthesize info n knowledge. muahaha..

Beshnye beshnye! :D but sad at d same time coz this means this will be my last time doing assignments, last time going to lecture, and last time sitting for exam? Tsk.. T_T

Then go to practicum, less meeting my darling friends, and then it's school holidays and then next year only God knows where we will be posted! And then, oh oh... :( one by one of my friends will get married, have their own lives, and less meeting again? :(

Whatever it is, i know we will meet new friends in life. I just hope that one day, if my friends formed a human chain, it would circle around the world and come back again..

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